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2014_05_18 Eat

In this series on optimizing energy and endurance we have already talked about some key things to look for when evaluating your current energy and endurance levels and how hydration plays a huge part in our level of performance. So this week, as we continue to progress in keeping ourselves properly hydrated, we also need to take a look at what we are eating and whether or not it is what’s best for our bodies. Food is one of those major fuels for our bodies and we must make sure that our engines are getting the right kind of fuel.

There are some overall things to consider. One is to maximize the amount of real food that you eat. This means eliminating chemicals and processed food from your diet in every way possible. Please note that this is a process that you are not like to accomplish in one trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market. Our food is so saturated with chemical, hormones, and antibiotics that sometimes even reading the labels isn’t enough to rid yourself from those things that don’t have to be reported. My suggestion, start off finding the option that has the least amount of ingredients listed. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Take time to research the food industry and all that is going on there. Follow a few activists on your social media places and click on the things they share. Start building a list of easy to put together recipes that make your favorites from scratch, or very close to it. The point is to get started, get committed, and keep pushing!

I also recommend, if at all possible, getting your nutrient levels checked. This can be done with a simple blood test performed at your doctor’s office or local lab facility. If this isn’t possible then you may want to simply get a multi-vitamin that doesn’t contain iron. I would also do some research on extra vitamin D consumption before buying one that contains it. Both of these are all too common ingredients that can build up toxicity in the body. So unless you know you are deficient in these or, in the case of Vitamin D, are certain that you have a type that only processed when needed, I would steer clear of those. Plus it only takes less than half an hour of sunshine to give the body all the vitamin D it needs for the day.

Last week I also asked you to look at how your body responds to certain categories of food. You can use these results to build your regular eating habits and even examine what may be eliminated. For example, I tend to eat meat mostly at dinner, because it makes me sleepy. I haven’t cut it out of my diet completely because I haven’t built up enough other sources of iron and protein from vegetable sources yet. I also eat a heavier breakfast to carry my through the day and them graze of light, mostly raw, foods during the day to stave off hunger. It keeps my energy up and doesn’t slow me down with a full belly. I also try to steer clear of processed wheat products as much as possible. Anything process beyond whole wheat flour tends to cause fluid retention in me. If I make it myself or use the gluten-free alternative, then I don’t have those issues.

Overall though, this is a unique process to everyone. The idea is to bring purpose and intention into what we fuel our bodies with. We can’t expect optimum performance if we aren’t feeding it optimum fuel. So I urge you, get educated, get passionate, and get moving on implementing a plan that will improve your health and vitality! It is a journey you won’t regret! I pray you desire and motivation beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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