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2015_05_25 Yeshua


Last week while studying Luke 14, the Spirit asked me quite the challenging question. In verses 7-11, Yeshua {Jesus} is evaluating and teaching on the way we pick our “seats” at the table of life. See at the time, and still in some places, protocol dictated that the guests were seated in order of their importance with the most important seated closest to the host. That means the host would be at the head of the table, making him the most important. Then the next in line would be seated to his right and the next to his left. This would continue on down the table until the least important position was reached.

Yeshua tells us in verse 10 to take the lowest place so that, in the spirit of Proverbs 27:2, if we are to be exalted it will come from another and if we are not to be exalted them we aren’t put to shame by our own arrogance. In this reading, however, it wasn’t my position at the table that intrigued me. It was Yeshua’s seat that caught my attention. The Spirit specifically asked me, “Where does Yeshua sit at YOUR table?”

We see the signs and signals everywhere. They say things like “God is my Co-Pilot” or “God’s got my back”. That mentality puts us at the head of the table and Yeshua to our right hand! But that’s not how this goes, that’s not what this walk in the Way is all about! God sits at the head of the table and Yeshua sits to HIS right hand! It is only through Yeshua that we even have a seat at that table. It is only because of His Sacrifice, His constant advocating, and the ministry of Ruach HaKodesh {the Holy Spirit} that we can keep our seat at the table. So how did HE become second chair to US?

Somehow along the way we have gotten the idea that we are in control of our lives, that we can do it all ourselves. Then when we fall short in our efforts we go ask God for help. THEN we plead the Blood of Yeshua! And we wonder why we are so exhausted and spinning around not really able to make sense of this life we live. It’s because we are living life backwards!

So here’s my new mindset. I’m God’s vehicle! I’m the instrument He drives through this earth bringing about His Will. I don’t go unless He pushes the accelerator, I don’t run unless He pours fuel into me, I don’t stop until He hits the brakes…regardless of what I think I see ahead. I proclaim this to be HIS life to live as HE sees fit! God sits at the head of my table, Yeshua to HIS right, and I am honored to simply have a seat!

When you are running on empty and grasping for a breath of relief, ask yourself that question. Where does Yeshua sit at my table? Who is at the helm? I have learned through this journey of being covered by Him alone that there is so much more to His desires than many realize. When He is actually given the chance to lead, without boundaries, without restrictions, without excuses, He steps up to the job with a force and enthusiasm that I can’t even begin to describe! Doors are opening, situations are resolving, blessings are flowing, and that’s just barely the surface of it!

If you have never given Him a chance to be completely in control of anything in your life, if you have always placed one restriction or another on what you would allow Him to dictate, I implore you…give Him a change today! I’m convinced that everyone has some area that the Spirit has been on them to release control of. Give Him the reigns to that area, step back, and watch! It is a beautiful sight to behold, to watch the Master at work! I pray you insight and faith beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


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