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Back in August I did a book study with Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS on What Happens When A Woman Says Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst, but with all the upcoming changes to the blog and everything else going on at the time, I never did get the reflection from that study posted. If you are interested in doing the study for yourself along with these reflections, the study questions and activities, as well as all the blog posts are still accessible on their site.  It is a powerful study that I recommend to everyone!

It didn’t take long reading through this book for me to be totally wrecked. By the end of chapter one it was already speaking to so much of the truth in the journey I have already travelled and the journey that I know is still to come…the journey of a soul that longs for more.  This Journey2 Surrender has a way of digging into the depths of you, seeking out those hidden places, and speaking to each of them on a brand new level.

All it takes is one moment of radical obedience to place you on that path. It doesn’t even have to be on purpose. In the beginning, mine began with a series of what I thought were completely unrelated yeses that collided unexpectedly one day into what Lysa calls a Divine Appointment. One day is all it takes. It hits you so hard and you see Him so differently! It is such a deliciously beautiful experience that you long for more of it, and the more you get, the more you want!

Lysa expressed it perfectly when she wrote, “When I said yes that day, I caught a glimpse of eternity. I saw how beautiful it is when God says do something and it is done. And I thought, why wait for Heaven? Why not say yes to God on this side of eternity?” 

I can hear some of you thinking the same thoughts I did when I started this journey. “I’m not ready for anything that big.” “What if this” and “what if that”. Relax! Not everything about an obedient walk is about the “big” things. It is often in the everyday moments that we make the biggest impact in our faith. {Click to Tweet this} That moment you choose to close your eyes and pray instead of yelling at the kids and say yes to that teachable moment or that moment when you consider your body as the temple of Ruach HaKodesh {The Holy Spirit} and push away that food you want but don’t need. It is in these small steps, one by one, yet ever increasing, that you begin to walk into that bigger life He has planned for you.

I urge you, look for Him in the little things, seek His Will about the mundane, and then do what He says! It is an adventure like no other that carries rewards bigger than you can imagine. Let your soul build a desire for more, then chase after Him with that desire, and watch Him come alive in your live! I pray you courage to face this Divine Adventure! Be blessed beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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  1. Michelle Romero
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    Oh Rose that was wonderful, thanks for writing this. I was so blessed by this study too, I truly believe it changed who I am or I should say it changed my desire to be completely obedient to all He wants and has for me! Thanks again. Miss you:)

    • ~rose~
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      Thanks for coming by Michelle! This study was truly a blessing to me as well. That was the main reason I decided that I had to share the reflections from it, even if they were late. It really does add a new dimension to living in obedience. I look forward to studying with you again very soon. Blessings!~

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