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2013_11_18 Y2G_Obedience

“Obedience becomes radical when we say, ‘Yes, God, whatever You want,’ and mean it. We release our grip on all that we love and offer it back to Him, who loves us more. And it is into these upturned hands that God will pour out his blessings – His abundant, unexpected, radical blessings. Soon, saying yes to God will no longer be a discipline of your heart but rather the delight of your life.”

{Lysa TerKeurst, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God}


The longer I walk this walk, the more I become convinced that the most difficult aspect has more to do with changing our visions for the world’s system to God’s system. The obedience called for by the Word feels radical and seems radical because we view it through the eyes of our flesh, a flesh still deeply connected to the world.

The bonds of the world have become so commonplace, so accepted, that the Ways of God seem far-fetched and antiquated. His Way calls us to step outside of ourselves, our passions, our desires, and consider something greater, yielding to a view beyond our comprehension. Everything we’ve been taught in this world rejects that concept, calls it radical, and labels it as extreme.

If we can, however, learn to see through our spiritual eyes, what is required of us becomes less and less inconceivable. Paul speaks of this in Ephesians 1:17-18. It is those eyes of our heart that allow us to see that His instructions, those things that He asks of us, are not at all burdensome {1 John 5:3}. They are instead an expression of our love for Him {John 14:15; John 15:10,14} and as a result of that love they become our delight {Psalm 119:47,174}.

Over time, we as His children have migrated to the wrong side of the City Gates and moved farther away from His Way, but each of us has an opportunity today to turn our focus back to Him. Radical obedience is about making the decision to make that turn to look unto Him {Hebrews 12:2} and about allowing Him to steady and establish your steps {Psalm 119:133; 37:23}. Step by step, shedding control, and breaking worldly ties along the way, you begin to taste the blessings of one who walks in His Way and you long to get inside those City Gates.

For me the biggest challenge is time and agendas. God has been working on my heart for several months now about redefining my views on time and how it needs to be managed. It has been and continues to be a massive stretch for me. I am a big planner and I run on schedules and routines. They have helped me maintain order and foster productivity in my life.

Now He asks me to look at things quite a bit differently, to let go and relinquish the reins to the unknown. I will admit that I am fumbling about in the dark on this one, but it is an amazing experience none the less. I have learned more about my weak areas and where I have fallen short in parenting, as well as a great deal about what He deems as important and why. In an effort to get more familiar with God’s views on time I have also started a study on the Biblical calendar.

In all of that though the thing that continual strikes me the most is the degree in which He desires us to lean on Him, to be dependent on Him. In a world that screams daily for you stand on your own two feet, we serve a God that says asks us to lean on Him and find rest in His embrace! How glorious and wonderful our God is! And for all He gives, all He asks in return is obedience. What a glorious gift we’ve been given!

I urge you to seek Him out for how He desires for you to take a step into the radical. Invite Him to shake up your heart a bit and draw you nearer to Him. The growing may be uncomfortable here and there, but the bond between you and Him will make the stretching more than worth it! I pray you enlighten hearts and courageous spirits. Be blessed beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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