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2013_08_25 YP Week

*This is part 3 in a series. Please start here to get the steps in part one and grab your free printable.*

Hopefully you were able to get your goals broken down into month size pieces for the year. If not, do not fret. There are many people who do the goals by month on a quarterly basis. So every 3 months they sit down and go through the last stages of this process to lay intention to their next quarter. That process may work best for you as well. Remember this, as with everything I share, is between you and the Father. Anything I offer is merely a guide to help you get the conversation started.

The next task in building out yearly plan to be conquered is breaking those monthly goals by the week. As with the goals by month, there are many who do this more frequently, so if the task becomes overwhelming for you try doing it once a month and see how that works. I prefer to get it all out of the way up front so that I can see the year at a glance. It helps me to be better equipped to make informed adjustments as needed and still be mindful of all that is to be accomplished.

Your “Goals by Week” are not a list of tasks mind you. That will come in your “Goals by Day”. Here you are simple breaking that monthly goal down even further into something you can plan with ease. For example, one of my goals for next month is homeschool record keeping. My weekly breakdowns are manual/planner, transcripts, portfolio, and logs/grade sheets. That means in week 1 I will be building our planner that includes our homeschool manual, mission statement, etc. In week 2 I will be building and formatting out transcripts and in week 3 I will be setting up our portfolios, both paper and digital. Then finally in week 4 I will wrap up creating our various logs and grade sheet forms.

This extra breakdown step is merely to narrow down the focus of your monthly goal so that it stays attainable. You may also want to start looking at how much time you have to devote each day to your area of focus. This will help you not to overbook your day, which can ultimately leads to being overwhelmed or giving up on the plan completely. Set yourself up for success, especially in the first few months, and let that success fuel the rest of the year. You can do this! I know you can! Just think of how good it will feel when you sit down at the end of next year and look back over all you have achieved instead of looking back over all you wished you’d done!

Be encouraged dear sisters! I pray you blessings and discernment! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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