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2013_08_18 YP Month

*This is part 2 in a series. Please start here to get the steps in part one and grab your free printable.*

I don’t’ know about you, but it sure felt great to sit down with the Father and get those areas of focus ironed out! I cherish the way He takes a personal interest in our daily lives and makes a plan for each and every one of us! It is a constant reminder of just how cherished we are!

Now it’s time for the next step…setting our goals by the month. This one takes a bit more thought and intentionality.  On your “Goals by Month” page write the months down the left side, if you printed the blank one, and write your areas of focus across the top. For each area of focus, come up with twelve categories or steps to be focused on and/or completed each month. For example, one of my areas of focus is my walk with God. This is on my list ever year so I can make sure that I am continuously learning and growing in my relationship with Him. So under that area I wrote 12 specific topics I want to learn more about next year.

Depending on how you learn and what works best for you, you may not need to come up with a completely different one for each month. Some people do really well, or if need to, study a topic or commit to a task for 3 months or so. If you are one of those people, then by all means pick quarterly topics and break that topic into monthly goals. For example, if I using a pencil as an art medium was a quarterly goal for me under the area of creativity, then I could spend one month doing guided drawings, one month to free hand sketches, one month doing rubbings, and one month working on blending and shading techniques.

If you are a person who has a habit of losing interest in things after a while or tends to get burnt out on a topic after so long, then pick a new topic or activity each month. Remember this is growing process and it is not unheard of to repeat some topics the next year or even to revisit it in a few months to dig deeper into it. This is YOUR process and your plan for growth and success. Mold it into what works best for you!

As always, do not do this process alone. Spend time with the Father and seek His will during this planning process and heed to all that He brings your way. You will learn so much about Him and the relationship He desires with you in the process. I pray you clarity and intention beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~



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