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2013_08_11 YP Focus

{Note: If you came to this page to find the printable with the pink border, please accept my apologies. I became aware that the background used on that printable was not authorized to be used in that manner, so I had to redo the printable with a different background. I assure you, however , that the content is the same. I pray this option will be able to meet your needs. Thank you for your understanding and have a blessed day.}

With Rosh Hashanah fast approaching, it is time for me to set up my yearly plan and get the actions steps for my goals in place. I know many of you have a few more months before you starting thinking about turning over a new year, but there is certainly no harm in getting a head start. So for the next few weeks I will be going through the steps for creating a yearly plan and translating that plan into your everyday actions to reach success.

A while back I talked about some new things I’d learned and how they were going to help me upgrade my yearly plan. So since I had to redo my entire yearly plan to include those new strategies, I figured why not make some to share! Below you will find links to the yearly printables. There’s a blank one with no dates, months, or days filled in, but if you would rather have one filled in already…no problem! There is also one for 2014 using the Gregorian calendar and one for 5774 using the Hebrew calendar. I pray you will be able to get some use out of at least one of them.

*Please note there is a “notes” page that you may not need and two “goals by week” pages included. I listed them this way to make it easier to print two-sided and keep everything together. You can print additional “goals by week” as needed.*

So let’s get started, shall we! This week we will simply narrow down our “areas of focus”. Many recommend that you narrow it down to 5 or 6, with one of those being your everyday routine things. I put spaces for 8 because I have two additional ones this year that I need to be intentional about. What are these areas, you ask? Well, they are the main things that you want to work on this year. Maybe you want to work on home management skills, learn a new skill every quarter, or expand your business. There are also practical areas like improving finances or committing to home improvement.

Take some time with the Father and see what comes forth through the Spirit. Jot down everything that comes to mind, then go back over it and see if any of those you jotted down actually belong in the same area. For example, cleaning schedules and meal planning can both go under home management. When you have it narrowed down to no more than 8, you’re done! And there you have it! See that wasn’t so bad! So print out your plan, grab a pencil, and set some intention! I’ll see you next week for the next steps and a few tips. Blessings beloved! Shalom!~

Yearly Plan Printable

 Blank Yearly Plan

Yearly Plan Printable_Gregorian 2014

2014 Gregorian Calendar Yearly Plan

Yearly Plan Printable_Hebrew 5774

5774 Hebrew Calendar Yearly Plan

Surrendered to Him~


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