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One quick search using the terms “why study scripture” and you will come up with pages upon pages of people telling you what the Scriptures are supposed to mean to you, what is required of you as a believer, and all the things the Scriptures can teach you about what they believe. I, however, don’t believe that Is what Scripture study is about. For me studying the Scriptures is important because it gives you something far more organic, more primal, more basic, yet it is the most complex thing you can ever acquire in life.

When you hear of people studying the Scriptures it is usually in the context of religion, that is the outward practice of one’s Faith. They are trying to prove or disprove doctrine or even discern the do’s and don’ts of life. While ultimately those things may be necessary in your Faith, that, for me, is not the fundamental reason for studying the Scriptures.

The Scriptures are Remarkable

We in the Faith seem to forget that we are not the only people on the planet who revere the Scriptures. Scientists, historians, and even those with other beliefs generally agree that the Scriptures are remarkable. While it doesn’t mean the same thing to them and they interpret its contents differently, the fact that so many flock to a Work, especially one they don’t believe in, says a lot. They recognize the Scriptures for their historical value and readily admit that there are hidden treasures within. Sadly, it is these people who do not share the Faith that are often more familiar with the Scriptures than those who do.

Studying Scripture Teaches You About You

Faith, no matter what your Faith is rooted in, is a very personal thing. I would go so far to say that if your Faith is not unique to you then you are living according to someone else’s Faith. This is not to say that you cannot share beliefs and convictions with others, but the deeper reasons and conviction that bind you to your Faith are going to be different and thus the manifestation of those beliefs are going to be different.

It is in the study of Scriptures that you discover, or rather wrestle out, those deeper convictions through the discovery of yourself in the pages. It is hard describe just how the Scriptures help you uncover the you that you were Created to be, but as you work through the different elements of the Scriptures you are forced to look through the different elements of yourself as well. This will not happen if you are simply reading the Scrptures though, and it will not happen if you are not studying with an open mind. Preconceived notions can hinder the entire process.

Studying Scripture Builds Relationship

When you study the Scriptures without a preconceived agenda, you uncover things within that force you to have conversations with the Creator. Think of building any relationship. You must study each other, have deep and meaningful conversation, and share interests in order to thrive in that relationship. That is the kind of exchange and relationship growth that occurs as you hash out the finer points of Scriptures with the Creator.

Reflect back on the story of Jacob. At the crossroads of his journey, before he could take full possession of his inheritance and walk into his purpose, he had to first wrestle with God. All night they wrestled, and Jacob was adament that he was not going to let go until he was given a blessing. The blessing he was given was a new name, a name that reflected his Divinely Ordained purpose and authority. One cannot begin to know God until one has wrestled with God, and one cannot begin to themselves until one has begun to know God.

The point here is that Studying the scriptures is a very personal experience that has the potential to help you discover your best you and help you build an unbreakable, unshakable relationship with your Creator, making it a beneficial activity for all. I pray that over our time in this space together you will come to believe that more and more and in deeper and more profound ways. Blessings to you and yours beloved!

Surrendered to HIM~