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2015_03_09 Who


Reading a post from a very dear sister on forgiveness today, I found these lines…“You see, it wasn’t nails holding Jesus on that cross…it was love. And forgiveness flows from love. Jesus loved us enough to hang there until death. So we could live forgiven.” Oh the revelation and power in those words!!!

I have a SERIOUS problem with forgiveness…not of others though…of myself. I can rationalize and empathize away even some of the most terrible things that I have witnessed others do and experienced them doing to me. Granted it’s not always a simple or quick process, but I find it gets easier with each passing day…mostly because I can always think of something terrible that I’ve done that God has forgiven me for. But my guilt, my condemnation, my restitution, my sins…that has not been so easy for me to forgive.

My strength, the fuel for my journey to forgiveness, hit a head during Pesach and the Feast though. As I restudied those Biblical accounts and went through lessons plans for my children…as I relived each moment in the hour, in the space, in the Spirit…as I shed my skin and bared my story…IT JUST CLICKED! As my favorite quote says, “Who am I?”

I began to ask myself those questions! Who am I to hold on to things that my Yeshua went through all of that to erase? Who am I to proclaim with my every thought, my every breath, with the way that I live daily, that all He went through meant nothing? Who am I to render His Love null and void with my disgust?

No more! I am free because He said so! I am free because He loves me! I am free because He chose me! I am free to be all the He wants me to be. I know there is a process in healing and growth, but that realization, that image burned into my soul, was enough to propel me into the land of forgiveness, of rebirth, of redemption. I am now on the path to loving me as I love others, to loving me as He loves me!

While I am sharing this with all today, my heart is especially pouring this out for single mothers such as myself…the ones who didn’t get that way through divorce, the ones that don’t typically get the hugs and support when they tell the story of how their family was built and broken. I’m sharing this for those who slept around and made mistakes and yet were still blessed by the Father with the redemption birthed in giving life to another {1 Timothy 2:15}. I’m sharing for those endure sneers and whispers over the origins of their precious babies.

I stand this morning from the top of the mountain and boldly proclaim to each of you…with my ex-husband and, count ‘em folks, three “baby-daddies”…that I AM REDEEMED, I AM FORGIVEN, I AM CHOSEN BY GOD TO DO A MIGHTY WORK FOR HIS KINGDOM, and I AM LOVED!…and my dear sister…yes YOU…the one with tears rolling down her face…the one shaking her head saying, “but that’s you…I’m so much worse”…the one who hides in the church because of the way you’re treated…the one who walks in a constant state of condemnation…the one who has forgotten who she is to HIM…SO…ARE…YOU!!!!!

YOU are redeemed! YOU are forgiven! YOU have been chosen to do a mighty work for His Kingdom! And YOU are loved! Don’t let that guilt, that shame, crucify our Lord all over again. Don’t let what you hear from others and from the enemy within stand in the way of all that He has planned to do for you, in you, and through you. Let His Light shine bright through all those cracks so that others may see and KNOW that He is God! You can do it beloved and remember if you ever need help or simply a shoulder…I am here! I pray you enlightenment and truth beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


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