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2013_09_09 Feminine

Femininity and submission seem to have become taboo topics these days, so naturally we are going to talk about them here. Women of submission, particularly Christian ones need a place to fellowship, especially living day to day in a world that literally thinks there is something wrong with you. The deeper your submission moves into the realm of surrender, the harder that fellowship is to find. A place is needed were topics in this area can be discussed without judgment or pressure. I pray that this can become one of those places.

The first question is what is femininity? We’ve been conditioned to think of frilly and dainty things when we think of femininity. However, Webster’s simply defines it as the quality or nature of the female sex. In other words, femininity is whatever makes you unmistakably female. It’s that quality that distinguishes you from the male population. For some people it is frilly and dainty, but for some it is a special brand of rough and tumble.

One of the most important identifiers to aspects of femininity is how it makes you feel inside. It’s that things that has you walking around singing Shania Twain, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” When you’ve found your brand of femininity, it produces a warm, sensual kind of feeling deep inside you that affects how you feel and behave. That feeling feeds into your confidence, personality, and so much more. It’s at that point, when it is oozing out of your pores, that it becomes noticeable to others.

Biblically speaking, a large chunk of this is routed in submission. Granted, all Christian are called into a level of submission. Women, however, were given a deeper mandate on that after the fall in Genesis. Unfortunately, there’s even more conditioning on this topic that equates it with weakness and being a doormat. Truth is though, submission is nothing more than yielding, to what and to what degree is mostly subjective outside of a few basic principles. What defines it for you should be given to you by God through His Word and revelation.

So whether you always wear dresses and/or heels, cover your head, avoid dirt like the plague, keep a fresh manicure, scream at the sight of anything that crawls, drive a 18-wheeler with fuzzy pink seats, run a farm wearing jeans, tees, and the most fabulous pedicure in the world, keep your sharp-shooter rifle in a case covered in flowers, or anything in between, this is the place for you! So grab a cup of something of something soothing and check in on Tuesdays as we pick apart all things Unmistakably Female! If you have any topics you want discussed I’d be honored if you left them below. Be blessed beloved!~


Surrendered to Him~



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  1. sage_brush
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    Great op-ed, Rose. It takes more real strength for a woman to submit. The truly weak woman gives heed to every whim of her tongue.

    Proverbs 21:19

    King James Version (KJV)

    19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.

    • ~blckrose~
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      “It takes more real strength for a woman to submit. The truly weak woman gives heed to every whim of her tongue.” Well said! I completely agree! Thanks for coming by! Be blessed lovely!~


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