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2015_01_26 Touch


There are fewer things that can bring a more deeply felt impact than a woman’s touch. Our hands are a powerful conduit for energy, love, empathy, and warmth. They can take on strong tasks and perform the most delicate and intricate of duties. They soothe souls and encourage hearts. They lift up our sisters’ spirits and melt grown men. They are a multi-faceted appendage.

They are also one of the first things that people notice about us, especially when we are out and about taking care of things. Many in customer service and retail will tell you that a customer’s hands tell them a lot about that person. And they are right! Our lives are written all over our hands. Their marks, their texture, and how they are groomed all tell a piece of our story. But it is more than just the hands themselves that speak. It is also the way we use them. Do we grab at things? Are we gentle or heavy-handed? All of these things come into play. So the question is…what do your hands say about you? And do you like what you hear? For the next few weeks we are going to answer those questions and talk about some things we can do to improve our “hand image”. As silly as it may sound, it really does have an impact.

Today, I want to start off talking about safeguarding your touch. With all the power that touch holds, it is important for us to be mindful of who we give access to that power. A great deal of energy is transferred when two people touch. You get an imprint of them and they get an imprint of you. Not only do you not want to receive everybody’s energy, you also don’t want to give away all of yours. That is something precious to be shared as the Spirit guides according the Father’s will.

This was not the easiest thing for me to grasp at first. I am a very touchy-feely person and the idea of being careful with who I touched was just unthinkable to me. I mean how was I supposed to interact with people if I couldn’t touch them? I am here to honestly tell you, though that it is one of the best adjustments I made, especially as a single woman. I noticed that the number of misplaced feelings of admiration started to decrease. I was no longer going through situations where people thought that our relationship was deeper than I considered it to be. I even noticed that I wasn’t as tired anymore.

The energy and spirit that we were given when the Creator breathed His Breath of Life into us is a precious gift to be cherished. It is to be used at His direction for His will. So this week I encourage you to take note of how many times you unnecessarily touch another person or receive an unneeded touch. Become more conscious of how and when you use that power or allow it to be used on you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into the balance that the Father has for you in all of this. I pray you awareness and revelations beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


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