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One of the worst practices a Kingdom Enterprise can participate in is competition. By its very nature, it goes against everything we are commanded to do as children of the Most High. Even in small amounts it has the capacity to completely destroy the essence of fellowship that we are called to cultivate.


Dangers of Competition

In my option, one of the greatest dangers of competition is that it cultivates a spirit of lack, as if there isn’t enough to go around in Creation. Each of us was created different, given different capabilities and different personality quirks. Even if two people set out to accomplish the exact same goal their journeys will be vastly different and produce varied results. The world needs each of our special flares, otherwise why would have we been called?

Another great danger is its ability to utterly destroy community. It is very difficult to build the intimacy and trust necessary to foster a mutually beneficial community when we are all so afraid that someone is going to take something for us that we stop sharing with each other. Can you imagine all that we could accomplish as a community if we shared ideas and projects freely, working together to improve the overall result for the glory of the Kingdom?

Two Types of Competition

There are two major types of competition that we need to be on the lookout for. The first is the type of competition that stems from wanting to be the best. Remember the sin at the tower of Babel was that they were seeking to reach Heaven in order to make a name for themselves. One of the best ways to combat this one is to always stay mindful of who or what you are seeking to gain glory for. Our goal in every moment is to shine light on the Kingdom and its Creator.

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The second type of competition stems from a fear that someone will take something from you. As with the first type, this type also says a lot about our Faith. In holding that fear, we are effectively saying we believe a mere human being could actually take something from us that God Ordained to be ours. You can combat this one by regularly reviewing the Promises of יהוה. This helps build that truth in your heart that what He has Ordained for you will always belong to you so that you can give freely of that you have been called to let go of.

Avoiding Competition

Even as you eliminate the lingering pieces of competition in yourself, you are inevitably going to continue to encounter it in other people. While you cannot change others, there are few things you can do to help build an atmosphere around yourself that will not allow competition to thrive:

1. Openly celebrate others. When you regularly celebrate the achievements of others, especially those on similar paths as yours it makes a clear statement that you are more focused on community building than on individual glory.
2. Share what you are working on with others. When you trust others enough to share with them you are also letting them know that they can trust you enough to share with you. While you want to make sure you pick people who will encourage you and not tear you down, there need not be any fear of loss in this process.
3. Regularly collaborate with people on similar paths. Collaborative projects are great for helping to realize just how much room there is out in the Universe for each individual to thrive. When you get to see up close and personal just how different those little quirks of each person makes the finished product that they have to offer it is very difficult to ever again believe that their style and your style could ever be in competition.

Overall, continuously seek to bring glory to the Kingdom and build up the community around you. When those things are your focus, competition has a hard time finding a place to take root in your heart. And always remember, the only person you ever need to outdo is the person you were yesterday.

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