In The Background
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“She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.” ~ Proverbs 31:15 Before you start wiggling in your seat let me assure you that I’m not going to dive … Read More

The Cost of Convenience
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  In this day and age when there is a gadget for everything, I’ve begun to wonder, are these things a convenience or a crutch? Webster’s defines convenience as “suited to personal comfort or to easy performance” and “affording accommodation … Read More

Purging Leaven
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  As I find myself in the midst of Spring cleaning…STILL…I am finding a new commitment to doing things in bite-sized pieces. Too often I look around and see my house that organized and not messy and simply write it … Read More

Embrace the Mess
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  I looked around my house today for a project that needs to be done or something that can be improved upon. And as I looked at the bits a mess and disorder peeking out here and there, I realized … Read More

Lessons from the Bathroom
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  You know the scenario…company drops by and you are having a good time. Then someone asks, “May I use your bathroom?” Immediately the thoughts start racing through your head. How many places have the kids smeared toothpaste? Did I … Read More

Planning for Peace
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There has been a project sitting on my to-do list for far too long now and my adventures in last minute grocery shopping yesterday, on top of everything else, have inspired me to take it by the horns and get … Read More

Surprises in the Kitchen
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My journey into the Hebrew roots of the Faith has led me to start preparations for my first Pesach. In keeping with this, I am currently learning about leaven, what it is, what it is in, etc. So since I … Read More

Importance of Home Management
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I had given this series a break while I waited to see which way Spirit was going to lead me with it. Well I got my marching orders and I ready to take off. This series will cover various areas … Read More

Guilt By Association
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Over the last couple of months, the Holy Spirit has been guiding me on a “clean-up tour” of sorts. It has been quite an enlightening experience, to say the least, and I have gained more insight into what He desires … Read More

Get Your House In Order: Schedules & Accountability
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Picture this: You have a mighty calling on your life, a goal you are determined to meet, etc., you are fully fueled with the motivational reason you need keep you going in hard times, and you take off strong out … Read More

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