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I have had my struggle with coveting several times in life, but there is only one area I have ever been in danger of becoming engulfed by it. That area is silence. Without question, silence is among the top things I value most in life. Despite that, there comes a time where even someone like me has to, with purpose and intention, give up the silence. There comes a time where speaking up and out is no longer an option, but a mandate. For me, that time is now.

I remember it clearly. It was summer 2016. Images of people of color, murdered and beaten by police, were flooding my social media feeds. My father, then 85, began speaking of incidents from his youth, ones he had never shared with me before. He would comment over and over how the current events reminded him of those days. I would look at my children and think of my soon-to-husband and grieve because but for Grace, it could have been us.

Breaking from the Comfort of Silence

As much as my heart ached and soul raged, I must admit, that is not what broke my silence. I made known my thoughts on the incidents, but I was not pushed to be a vocal advocate. You see, these types of events were not all that new to me. I had been experiencing and hearing such things in one form or another most of my life, and I had already found little ways to help effect change in the lives of those around me. I knew my current and future role in the continuing civil rights movement, and I was confident about that path.

It wasn’t until the months leading up to and following the election of the 45th president that I realized my days of silent work in the background were over. I watched as the majority of my Faith-based connections not only sang the praises of a man who personified hate and bigotry but praised MY God for him and the change he would bring. I have never in my life been so wounded and so incensed!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not some naive girl who’s never encountered racism or bigotry. I have seen plenty of Christians and/or Torah-observant believers use the Scriptures to defend their bigotry and disdain for the journeys of others. I have even long known that I was never wholly safe or free in predominately white spaces. I’ve been in them most of my life and, without fail, there is always a bigot or one who has developed a strong personality of judgment from their isolated existence in the bunch…always. But this time it was different.

Silence No Longer an Option

Maybe it is because for the first time in my life, I had actually spent serious time and energy studying these Scriptures they were misrepresenting. Maybe it was because I had spent so much time in intimate fellowship with the God they lying on. Maybe it was because of the rejection and judgment I had faced early in life from the church. The rejection and judgment that inspired me to walk away from it for 15 years. Or maybe, it was Divine Magnification saying it was time to speak.

Whatever the reason, the message was clear. My days in the shadows were over. It was time to proclaim, for all to see that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is Love {1 John 4:16}, and without Love, you cannot know Him {1 John 4:8}. It was time for me to use both Scripture and historical facts to deal with the roots of these falsehoods perpetuating my Faith. It was time for the ~rose~ to SPEAK!

Surrendered to HIM~

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