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2015_01_12 Come Out


You hear the term everywhere you go these days…closure. They say that it helps you to reconcile things in your mind and gives you permission to move on. And while all of that can be true in the right circumstances, there is a downside to closure that is not talked about often enough in my opinion. It is the tendency it has to keep you holding on long after it is time to let go.

All too often we stand in the doorway of a relationship, a situation, or even the doorway to our new life in Yeshua, trying to reconcile things from the past and waiting on closure to give us permission to move on. We fail to realize that life is not typically that neat and organized. Life isn’t confined by the types of molds our human consciousness can put together. Life is unabashed and bold, living wild and free, being confined only by the will of the Creator. So sometimes you just have to walk away and let the mess clean itself up.

Yet there we stand in that doorway waiting for a person or life to give us the closure that only the Father can provide. In doing so, we become the very thing preventing the door from closing. All the while we are allowing things to pass back and forth through that door, wreaking confusing havoc on our old lives and keeping our new lives bound and unable to go forth. When all that it truly needed to bring closure is for us to step out of the way and let our Abba shut the door the way He sees fit.

Repeatedly Yeshua teaches that we have to give up our old life, be willing to give up everything we have, take up our cross and follow Him {Luke 18:22; Luke 14:26-27, 33; Matthew 10:37-39}. It is time to give up whatever you have been holding on to from your past. You have been given a new life to lead and you can’t make it to your destination looking behind you. Romans 6:4 tells us that through baptism we were buried with Yeshua into death and through Him raised into a new live. “…the old has gone, the new has come.” {2 Corinthians 5:17} So your old life, along with everything He had you let go of, is dead and buried. Your mourning period is over and it is time to let go before you end up in the grave right along with it. As He commanded Lazarus, he is commanding you to come out and to take off your grave clothes and go! {John 11:43-44}

So step out of the doorway and let the Perfecter and Finisher do His will! Release the need for closure and let the dead bury the dead {Luke 9:60}! Rise and come out! Embrace the new life you have been gifted in freedom and with joy! It is precious and should be cherished and lived to the fullest! I pray you faith, strength, and courage abundant beloved!~

Surrendered to Him~


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