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2013_11_24 Relaxation

In this day and age where so many of us as women are carrying more weight than we were intended to carry, the ability to induce relaxation is such an important skill. It is not only important for our health and strength, but it also enhances our roles as nurturers as well. When you have an arsenal of weapons that soothe the spirit, mind, and body, you are a force to be reckoned with.

In this fast paced, over-stimulated society of ours we need to develop the art of slowing down and enjoying the softer side of life. You’ll find that as you become more skilled at this art that you are more connected with inner most being and things just don’t get to you the way they did before. Relaxation becomes the key that unlocks your stress-bound prison and releases you into all the beautiful freedoms of life.

Since this is so extremely important to us, no matter what walk of life we are in, I am sharing 5 of my favorite “quick-draw” relaxation techniques. These are the things I pull out at just about any time to give myself a quick shift in spiritual space so I can realign with what’s truly important. Most of these can be done in 15 minutes or less and some don’t even require you to stop what you are doing.

1. Do things slowly and deliberately. I find that when I get rushed I get frustrated. SO whenever I find myself moving so fast that it feels like I’m the first cousin to a toy top, I deliberately and with purpose slow down everything I’m doing to a ridiculous crawl. I take note of every action and do it with immaculate care. I typically keep moving at that snail’s pace until my insides slow down to the rate of my movements and I come to my senses and realize that life is not a race to be won, but a journey to be travelled.

2. Place peaceful music. Now of course each person has their own definition of peaceful and, if you’re anything like me even that definition is subject to change with your mood. My requirement for background music is that it has no vocals. I like to play instrumentals only. Usually during the day I play drum instrumentals. Then as the day begins to wind down I switch to piano and guitar. That usually plays right on through the night.

3. Give myself hand and foot massages. A nice, firm massage to the feet and/or hands for just 2 minutes each can do wonders for me! It relaxes and invigorates me all at the same time. It makes for a nice pick me up when you only have a minute or two to spare.

4. Mute the senses. Depending on where you live, you may have to get a bit more creative to do this one, but it is worth it over time. For me it just a matter of turning everything off and putting on a pair of regular headphones. Then I take a wet cloth {hold or cold depending on the season} on place it over my face and simply exist for 5-10 minutes. I suggest setting a timer for this as you get used to the process. It is very easy to fall asleep this way. As a matter of fact, I use this technique when I have trouble getting to sleep. It works wonderfully!

5. A hot shower or bath with candles burning. I know you’re probably saying, “That’s not quick!” Truth is though, it can be. I keep tealight candles in my house at all times and when I really need an escape I grab a couple of them and head to the shower/tub. All it takes is 10-15 in that hot water watching that candle flicker to give me the shift I need to keep pushing. Then I hop right back in my clothes and keep working! {one of the many perks of working from home} When you are first starting out though, I do suggest setting a timer for this one too. Until you get used to only being in there a short time, it may be hard to get out on time. On really tough days, I even consciously tell myself when I get out that I am simply pushing pause on that experience and when I’m done with the day I will resume.

I hope these are a blessing to you as they are to me. Please share your own “quick-draw” relaxation techniques, or even the longer ones for the end of the day. I would truly enjoy hearing how you unwind. Be blessed lovelies!~


Surrendered to Him~



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