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Hanukkah has ended and it has left me feeling like a drunk, teetering and stumbling, completely unable to get my feet under me. I was already shaky after all the life changes over the past couple of years, but spending those eight days focused on rededicating my temple left me fully aware that the foundation I have been standing on for years is crumbling under my feet.

I must admit here, at first I was devastated! In this ever-changing world governed by our infinite Creator, it is important to have a strong foundation to anchor to and mine is falling apart. I mean this is my life here, the very essence of everything I do. After awhile though, I actually began to get a little bit excited. I mean this is my life here, the very essence of everything I do! This could very well be the opportunity I need to change everything that has been giving me trouble for so long!

Life Foundations Must Be Able to Grow with You

So that is the approach I’m taking to this process, looking over all the trouble spots I’ve had in the past and learning to embrace new ways. If I’ve learned nothing else over the past four years, I’ve learned that change must be embraced during your time on the Potter’s wheel in order for you to thrive in life.

Before we get into how to build or rebuild your life foundation, I want to talk a bit about how I got in this mess in the hopes that you can avoid the drama entirely. See when I began building my life foundation years and years ago, I was a member of the “the more specific the better” club. I was taught that the more specific you are with what you want and where your boundaries are, the more likely you are to get it. While I still believe that, I have learned that this philosophy doesn’t work in all areas of life, and it is a TERRIBLE principle to build a foundation on! A foundation must stand the test of time and the more specific and detailed the building blocks of that foundation are, the least likely they will be able to grow with you over the years.

How to Build a Life Foundation

Building a strong life foundation is a multiple step process. You start by identifying the cornerstone. This is the unshakable, unmovable rock that will never change. This will be the deciding factor you fall back on when all else seems blurry or uncertain. It is the one thing that will never fail to lead you in the best possible direction. For mine, I have chosen love.

Next, you identify the other foundation stones. Make them conceptual rather than specific. The more abstract you can be with these concepts, the more room you give yourself to grow and, ironically, the more refined you can be in your everyday life. This is partly because you are free to make detailed changes as needed without rocking your entire foundation or needing to rebuild everything each time you do so.

hat is my goal for this go round in rebuilding my life foundation. Hopefully, this time I will finally grasp the balance between conceptual and specific that works best for me and I pray the same for you. Blessings beloved.

Surrendered to HIM~

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