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2014_12_01 Best Face

As women we have the unfortunate habit of being critical of ourselves. As in life, we focus more on what we don’t like than on what we do like. I truly believe it is time to do away with that habit. So I am learning to treat my body, appearance, etc. the same way I am learning to treat situations: acknowledge what you don’t like, make a plan to correct it, and then let your focus rest on what you do like. For example, I don’t like my size. So I am continuously improving upon the way I eat and learning to exercise regularly. But I do like my shape, so I make sure that I keep my focus on that when I look at myself. Now don’t panic…we’re not talking about body size…at least not this week ;). I just wanted to use that as an example.

This week we are focus on the first thing people see when they look at us…our faces! So the challenge this week is to take a real good look at your face and doing a loving evaluation on what you like and what could use some improvement. Find the feature you like the best and look at new ways to accentuate that feature. If you are bold and have a circle you can trust to be lovingly honest with you then you could even ask your loved ones what their favorite feature is and maybe even what you could improve on.

This is not an exercise for weak at heart ladies. You need to be able to do this with confidence that if you never changed on single thing on the outside that you would always be beautiful in the eyes of the Father. The beauty He looks at…the beauty that matters the most…is that found in the heart, soul, and spirit of a person. We are, however, representative of the Kingdom and humans are visual creatures. Therefore we have a responsibility to reflect the best image we can. So no defeated talk or self-harming beliefs or actions allowed! You are perfect because you are covered in the perfect Blood of Yeshua! This is about gathering information to grow better on the outside in the same way we learn to grow better on the inside.

Once you are armed with this information then you can start looking for way to make those improvements happen. If you are using chemical based products on your skin, now would the perfect time to branch out and give some of those natural recipes a try. You skin and body will thank you for it! Be adventurous! Try something you think is ridiculous. Make it fun and playful…especially if you are married ;).

I will be working on my skin and eyebrows this week. I have so terribly neglected them over the winter and they are in desperate need of some TLC! My eyebrows especially since my favorite features are my eyes and lips. So the first order of business is to reshape my eyebrows. I know there is a shape under all that mess somewhere and I am determined to rediscover it…lol. Then it is back to my daily baking soda cleanses for my face. They are so amazing at keeping your skin exfoliated, clean, and tightening those pores! If you’ve never used one the basic recipe is a teaspoon of baking soda and add small bits of water until it is a paste, then put it on your face and let dry. Then rinse off and enjoy the beautiful skin left behind. I will tell you though, there may be some stinging the first couple of times you do it, especially if your skin is broken or is peeling. There are other recipes for them out there though so do some searching!

As for accentuating the features I do like, I won’t be able to try my newly found lip treatment until my roses start blooming. For it you crush rose petals, add a teaspoon of honey, and for pigmented lips like mine you also add some milk powder. Then put in on your lips and let sit for 10 minutes. Over time it is supposed to give your lip a naturally pink hue. I am very interested to see how well it works as my chemical free living project is now moving into my makeup drawer and I have given up colored lip gloss completely. So I will also be looking for glossy lip balm recipes and a place to get all, or at least mostly, natural lip pencils.

As for my eyes, I will be looking for a way to brighten them up. They seemed to have gotten a bit dull on me. I will also be looking for pencils for them and new application techniques. In addition I’ll be searching for recipes for powder eye shadow. I don’t use it much, but it comes in handy to have around on certain occasions…and for making nail polish.  All and all, I have quite a bit of searching to do and new things to try. But remember, we aren’t expecting to fix all of these things in a mere week. We simple challenge ourselves each week to raise our awareness and increase the amount of positive steps we take so that in time we may see and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Patience and diligence pays off big time in the end. And I believe the effort alone makes my Abba’s heart sing. I am maintaining His Temple and adorning it gracefully! So off we go lovelies into the world of improvement and grace! I pray you love and support beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~



What are you going to be working on improving and accentuating this week? Share your story.~


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