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2015_04_27 Pruning


Reading through Luke 13:1-9 for the Good Morning Girls Living and Leading Like Luke study left me with some serious conviction about the season I’m in right now, more specifically my reaction to it. See, I am in the season of my life where I am being pruned {John 15:2}, having my fruit bearing potential increased. And I must tell you, it has been a painful process!

So many of the things that have been choking around me and keeping me from bearing more fruit have been growing in me for so long that they couldn’t simply be trimmed away. They had to be rooted out through a process of digging and cutting deep below the surface. Despite the pain they have caused over the years, in that moment, in the midst of them being rooted out, it was more painful to remove them than to endure the pain of having them stay. And this pain wasn’t quick or short lived. It lingered on after the pruning had been done.

The thing that kept me holding on, that keeps me holding on still to this day, is the knowledge that He wills it, He desires it. Through His Eyes, through His Word, I can see the long-term benefits. I know that I am being prepared and molded for something greater than I can imagine. But the pain keeps getting in the way of progress, clouding the beauty of the long-term.

In this passage though, in verse 7, I find salve for that hurt, a question to shift my perspective away from that pain. “Why should it use up the soil?” Why should it be allowed to drink up my resources and decrease my efficiency? Why should it be allowed to make constant withdrawals without ever making any deposits? Why should it get any of the fertilizer that God pours into me?

See for me this passage has Tribulation written all over it. After three years of looking for fruit from His trees, The Owner of the vineyard {Elohim} tells the vinedresser {Yeshua} to destroy all the trees that were still unfruitful. Yeshua advocates for one more year, true to His nature in always pleading our case before the Father {1 John 2:1}. So the repetition of “But unless you repent, you will all perish.” in verses 3 and 5 shed a whole new light on my pruning process.

I am being pruned of the sources and encouragers of sin: people who life sinful lives and encourage me to do so as well, insecurities that leave me vulnerable to the lies of the evil one, and passive influences that dull my senses to the sin all around and within me, just to name a few. Each one, looking back, has over the years played a major part in my slips and falls along the way, in my perception, and in my thoughts. He is cutting these things out from the roots to give the goodness in me more space, nutrients, and nurturing to blossom and grow.

So today I repent. I repent of the fighting, the bucking against the tide, the whining and complaining, and the undermining every step of the way. Today I ask my Abba for forgiveness, I ask for strength. Today I embrace that Grace and Mercy, that forgiveness, that strength. Today I join the process! Today I take sides! I’m putting on my gardening gear and digging in alongside my Abba, pulling out weeds by the root, fertilizing and preparing soil, nurturing the true, the noble, the right, the pure, the excellent, and the praiseworthy {Philippians 4:8}.

So I encourage you, go before the Throne and ask Him if you are being as fruitful as He wants you to be and if not what needs to be done to increase the amount of fruit you bear. Invite Him to prune you and clear away all of those briars and bushes that have grown up and are choking the life out of you. Be active in the process and join Him in the fight! It is not an easy road, but it is a walk of faith that will forever change your life for the better. Try Him and see!

I pray you reflection and introspection beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~





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  1. Mariah
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    Oh this is a good one!! It is so true how difficult the pruning process can be. Like you said, you would think once it is gone it would be done, but for me as well, our feelings don’t work like that. I just had a conversation with God this morning about trusting that he knows what is best for me whether I like it or not. He see’s the big picture and I am the defiant, arrogant teenager that thinks I know best.

    • ~blckrose~
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      Yes! That is exactly it! Whether I like it or not! I looked up this morning and realized that April was almost over. I have been flipped upside down, shaken loose, and pruned so that I have lost track of this year. I was talking to Him just last week about all the stuff I’d planned to do, but haven’t done yet because of all the unexpected opportunities He’s placed before me. His response, “Not your will little one, but Mine be done.” I would be thrilled to say I’m done fighting against His plan, but the honest truth is that I will be building on this new awareness for some time to come! I praise Him for His faithfulness and patience!~

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