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With all you give to and for your family, all that is required of you as a single mom, it can easily feel as though you have nothing left to give to others. I mean let’s face it. Everything you are and have is likely already stretched to the max. But I am here to tell you, that’s just not true.


Your Cup Is Never Truly Empty

No matter how maxed out or overwhelmed you are, there is always something that you have in abundance, something that Most High has poured into you. It’s that thing that people always come to you for. It’s that thing that entrepreneurs build businesses around. It goes by many names…passion, talent, calling, anointing…but, no matter what it is called, the premise is the same. It was poured into you in abundance so that you could pour it into others, blessing both them and you in the process.

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In these special areas, these places where He knew and prospered us before He placed us in our mother’s wombs {Jeremiah 1:5, 29:11}, His Presence and provisions can be found in abundance. So even on those days where we have nothing to give of ourselves, there will always be some of Him in those areas to pour out onto others. One of the many benefits of drinking from a Well that never runs dry! {John 4:13-14; Isaiah 58:10-11}

Pour into Your Home First

In many ways you have been practicing this already. In a home with children, the need for that Well that never runs dry is undeniable because children’s needs never run dry. Could you even imagine trying to parent on your strength? Of course not! Each and every day you draw on the Strength of the Almighty to meet the needs of those little ones that depend on you. This can work with other areas and in other situation as well.

Often when we think of utilizing our talents for the Kingdom it is in the way of ministries, enterprises, and other larger endeavors. However, one of the best places to utilize and refine our talents and skills is with our families. I cannot tell you how deeply my family has been blessed by me using my life coaching skills as a parenting tool!

Pour into You Community

After doing all that pouring into our homes from a cup that is already empty, the idea of even attempting to pour anything into the community can seem ridiculous. It is, however, for that very reason that you can have the biggest impact on the community when you do. See when you take an obviously empty cup and pour abundance out of it in the sight of others, you become an instant testimony to the love and provision of the Creator, bringing glory to His Holy Name.

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So I encourage you, no matter how empty you may feel, pray fervently about how you can pour more into your family and into your community. Learn to use your “weaknesses” as an advantage. You and those around you will be blessed in ways you never imagined as a result! And always remember that prayer is an action. Prayer is “doing something”.

Surrender to Him~

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