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2014_12_15 Peace

There has been a project sitting on my to-do list for far too long now and my adventures in last minute grocery shopping yesterday, on top of everything else, have inspired me to take it by the horns and get it done! That project is meal planning! Now obviously this isn’t one of my most favorite things to do, hence the reason it has been on my to-do list since last year. Yes, I said “last year.” I have, however, had a meal plan before and I do enjoy the peace, comfort, and security it affords me. So the journey begins once again.

About two years ago I saw an article somewhere about a woman who had worked her way up to a year-long meal plan. I was so inspired that I began to work my way up to one as well. I made it up to about 3 months with grocery lists included and then my eating habits changed drastically. Then my finances changed. Well, even though all of that is settled, I have yet to get back to meal planning. So I am committing myself to completing this task!

I miss the peace of being able to shop ahead of time during sales, of having back up favorites, and of planning ahead in case I can’t make it to the store. In the long run it really is more than worth the work! It takes one less thing off my mind and off my plate on a day to day basis leaving me free to get other things done.

So my plan for this go around is:

1. To come up with a format that is easy to change so that as my new eating habits develop I can make adjustments without having to start all over again.

2. Plan all three meals instead of just dinner. {there is nothing like sitting in a house full of dinner and nothing to fix for breakfast…lol}

3. To first make a quick meal plan for March based on what I normally cook so I can get that shopping over with.

4. Then to find 6 recipes a day until the end of March so I can shuffle them to make the rest of the meal plan.

5. Make 3 months worth of plans, including grocery lists so that even if I do nothing else I can grab one of them and still be okay.

6. Add new recipes to the shuffle as they come up.

I know it sounds like a lot written out like that, but once you get into to it you find a rhythm. Take it in chunks that work for you. If you’ve never worked a meal plan before, start a week at a time and work your way up to a month and beyond. Mine is a big undertaking because grocery shopping is that much of an issue for me that this has become not just desired but needed to maintain my peace. The point is to have one less thing to think about, use organization to save time and money, and to stop the habit of grabbing just anything to eat. Pray about it and give it a try! I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the results! I pray you courage and resolve beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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