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There is a part of my heart that I don’t talk about much, a part that grows exponentially each day much to surprise. In truth I have only ever mentioned it once before today. I have this deep longing growing rapidly in my heart to be a foster/adoptive mother. It has been brewing for longer than I can even tell you, because for the longest time I flat out refused to acknowledge it. About a year ago though I stopped ignoring it and almost 6 months ago I actually began to embrace it. I have to tell you, as a single mom of 3 it is probably the scariest thing I have actually acknowledged that God has called me to do. Not too long ago though, I was blessed with an opportunity to review a book called “Navigating the Explosion – You are not Alone” compiled and narrated by Allison Schumm from Schumm Explosion.

A review of Navigating the Explosion via @AgapeVisionsInc

What is Navigating the Explosion – You are not Alone?

Navigating the Explosion is a compilation of letters that share stories, encouragement, and advice from the many stages of the fostering and adoption process from people who have lived out and/or are currently living in this process. These letters are real, they are raw, and filled with the truth we all need to hear. Every step along the way is beautifully narrated by Allison, filling in the pieces and explaining the shifts in the journey. I literally read it in one sitting, laughing, crying, and nodding along the way.

What impressed me the most is the experience of those writing these letters. These ladies, and one gentleman, have really been in the trenches with this calling. They have a wealth of knowledge to pour out and they do so generously with grace and love, and somehow even with humor and practical candor. For the first time since acknowledging that God had actually placed this call on my life, I actually feel like it is real and not some fairytale far off in NeverLand somewhere.

Navigating the Explosion – You are not Alone and the Single Mom

Let’s be real about it! As single moms this kind of stuff just seems a bit more far-fetched than usual, though I personally have come to accept the far-fetched as my normal reality. {Walking daily with Omnipotent God will do that to you ;)} But imagine my surprise when, in the midst of all these letters, there was one from a single foster mom! Talk about fuel for my soul!!!

As single moms though many of us have gotten used to and even in many ways embraced and begun to find some strange sort of comfort in being alone. Whether you are considering fostering/adopting or not, Navigating the Explosion is a beautiful reminder of just how dangerous that mindset and “comfort” really is. We were created for fellowship and somehow and in some way, we must learn to reach out past the relationships that don’t work and the people who don’t understand and the narrow minds that hurt our hearts and find the time and the energy for fellowship. It truly is a necessity and a blessing.

Is Navigating the Explosion – You are not Alone only for foster/adoptive parent?

I opened Navigating the Explosion expecting to find all kinds of inside stories about foster care and adoption, to find encouragement on starting out on this journey, and to stare the truth of this kind of life in the face and start preparing my heart for what is likely to come one day. {One day far sooner than I feel I am ready for it at that if my God keeps His usual pattern of operation.} And I found every bit of that within these pages. But I also found SO much more! I found encouragement as the parent of a special needs child. I found peace with many of the struggles I’ve been through as a parent. I found deeper understanding of the hearts of those who have lost children. I found some sort of connection with a group of women I’ve never spoken to and will likely never meet and discovered that within those pages, despite all our many differences, I truly was not alone.

There are also letters within the book for friends of adoptive parents, for people who have questions about adoptions, and for how to help adoptive families. This is on top of all the other parenting tidbits and eye opening revelations that you can’t help but discover as you read through your tears and hold the book to your chest as you laugh. This is truly a project that I think every believer needs to read, whether you feel the call of being a foster/adoptive parent or not. It will inspire you to let go and leap into the path God has laid out for you, whatever it is!

How can I get a copy of Navigating the Explosion – You are not Alone?

You can get your copy of Navigating the explosion for only $4.99 at Allison’s Esty Shop! She also has two other related products at very affordable prices as well. Believe me. I’ve seen the other two as well. You might as well just grab the whole bundle! You can learn more about Allison and her family’s journey at Schumm Explosion and read what others have to say about this impactful book here. This is one that will touch your heart over and over again and inspire a whole new set of prayers!

I pray you courage and insight beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


I was provided with a free copy of Navigating the Explosion – You are not Alone in exchange for an honest review. See our disclosure policy for more details.

Have you ever considered being a foster/adoptive parent or are you one now? Share your heart in the comments.

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    Thank you so much for these kind words! I really appreciate it!

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      Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing it with all of us Allison! It has truly been a blessing and a joy!~

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