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They say the best ideas are nothing without action, but it is impossible to put into action something you can’t visualize through to completion. It is through those moments of visualization that ideas and plans become a real, tangible part of your existence. Having your ideas living and breathing within you as real tangible parts of yourself makes it far easier to birth them to life.

Using Mind Mapping in Business via @AgapeVisionsInc

How to Bring Your Plans to Life

There are many tools available to help you bring your plans to life. A quick internet search will reveal tons of systems and methods for every visualization technique imaginable, and a few you never would have thought of. However, there is one method that, at least for me, stands heads above all the rest. That is mind mapping.

Mind mapping at its core is simply a way of stringing ideas together and following them through their natural progression. The really fun part about mind mapping though is that there is no one way to do it. It is completely and totally adaptable to any situation or any user preference. In other words, you can mold it to whatever you need it to be in any given moment.

Ways to Use Mind Mapping

The range of things you can use mind mapping for in your business are as limitless as the different methods for mind mapping. The process can be used for outlining projects, planning networking strategies, or even for financial goals. You could even use it to plan out the décor of your office!

In addition, mind mapping can be as simple or as complex as you want and can use a wide variety of mediums. You can sketch one out on paper or draw one up on the computer. There is even software that can make setting up your digital mind map simple and fun.

Getting Started with Mind Mapping

Often the hardest part of using tools like this in your business, or any other area of life, is getting started with the process. So here are a few pointers to help you.

1. Let it flow organically. Don’t try to fit your ideas into any particular type of mold. Simply start writing your ideas and connect the ones that go together with lines. You can always go back and add a more cohesive structure to it later.
2. Do a complete brain dump. Don’t stop writing and connecting until your brain is completely empty on the subject. You’d be surprised how many little treasures can be hidden under the surface of a few basic ideas.
3. Explore all connections. Sometimes two things that look completely unrelated can in fact, when connected, be just the thing to unlock the full potential of a project. Don’t be afraid to look for these strange connections and allow your mind to wander through their potential.

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Have you used mind mapping before? How has it benefited you?

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