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When seeking out community in business, one of the most beneficial tools I have found is a mastermind group. There is nothing like a group of focused, learned professionals seeking to hone their craft to keep you motivated and pushing forward. In addition, they are also a great way to share what you’ve learned with others and lift them up.


What is a mastermind group?

Before we get started, it is important to get clear about what we are talking about here. There is a difference between a mastermind group and a business group. A business group is simply one that is focused around a particular niche or a branding concept promoted by the owner of the group. While they are great places to network and learn new things, that is not what we are talking about here.

A mastermind group, on the other hand, is a group of people focused on reaching similar goals and actively helping each other reach the milestones needed to accomplish those goals. They typically include things like weekly focuses or challenges and/or regular themes. In other words, the scope is usually a lot narrower.

Things to look for

When you are seeking or building a mastermind group there are several things that you want to look for:
1. Make sure it is in your niche. The topic that the group is focused on needs to be an area that is of importance to your enterprise or ministry.
2. There needs to be a balance of new people and veterans in the field. This ensures that there are a wide variety of perspectives in the group and tends to foster a richer cache of information.
3. Check the size of the group. While larger groups can be very beneficial for business groups, mastermind groups tend to lose their effectiveness once they get too large. Depending on how active each member is, I have found that 25 to 100 members is ideal.

Tips for thriving in a group

Once you have found a mastermind group that you are ready to try out, there are few things that you can do to begin thriving in and reaping the benefits of the group quickly:
1. Be active. Post daily in the groups that you are a part of. Make sure that posting is balanced though. Answer questions as well as ask them.
2. Establish your areas of expertise. Be on the lookout for questions that fall in the categories of things that you specialize in, especially if you offer services in these areas. This is not a place to promote yourself, but often your expertise can shine through in your answers and let others know that they can seek you out for those particular topics.
3. Know when it’s time to leave. Most things are only Ordained for a season. Pay attention to the rhythm and course of the group you are in. It will give you clues as to when it is time to leave a group.

As you can see, being a member of a mastermind group can be a bit of work. With the right group though, you do tend to get out of as much if not more than you put into it. Just take some time and narrow down what it is that you would like to focus on improving in your business and find a mastermind group focused on that topic. Then dive in and start improving, all while doing some valuable networking.

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