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2014_02_10 M2C_Truth

Truth has to be the most liberating thing I have ever experienced in my life! In order to get to it though I have had to conquer all kinds of fears and dig deep to draw on courage I never knew I had. Once I got a taste of truth though, I knew that I could never live reserved and hidden again. So each day I seek out to embrace another truth, about myself, about my Faith, about my life. Right now I am uncovering and facing a truth that I have hidden and ran from for most, if not all, of my life.

Hi, I’m ~rose~ and I am overweight because I chose to eat away my emotions rather than to face them, process them, and work through positive solutions to them. I don’t exercise because I chose to embrace quick fixes instead of digging in and putting in the work to undo what I have done to myself. But I am now committed to change all of that, because I am tired of being less than I was called to be and determined to live in excellence according to God’s Will.

Today THAT is my truth and each and every day, I will stare it in the face, confront it, and put in the work necessary to change it.

Consequences of NOT embracing truth

See I have lived the other way, in denial and/or flat out lying to myself and others. Most of that denial stemmed from the lie that it was not fair that I had to have this in my life or do without that. I mean surely I deserved better. So I would eat and act out, rewarding myself with all the pleasure I could to make up for the “not fair” thing I felt powerless to do anything about.

Lysa expresses this so profoundly in the book when she says, “Saying ‘it’s not fair’ has caused many a girl to toss aside what she knows is right for the temporary thrill of whatever it is that does seem fair….Our flesh buys right into Satan’s lie that it’s not fair for things to be withheld from us. So we bite into the forbidden fruit and allow Satan to write ‘shame’ across our hearts.” {p.100} That has been my cycle of existence for far too long. I must truly stop circling this mountain and go north {Deuteronomy 2:3}!

There is healing power in truth

The old folk used to say that a covered wound can’t heal and over the course of my life I have learned that they were right. A wound needs to be aired out, no matter how painful that contact with the air and elements may be, in order for that festering to dry up and heal completely. When I stop using food to cover up my wounds, yes it hurts a bit longer, but they actually heal all the way through instead of constantly reopening and crying out for another bandage.

I am ready for that healing, for confronting what has been sitting and festering under the surface just waiting for something to rub me the wrong way so that it could come back to the surface and plague me once again. I am ready put in the work to clean out those wounds and let them air out, even if other people get to see that I’m wounded. I am ready to heal!!!

Learning to walk daily in this truth

So this begins a new season in my life. A season where I live my truth each and every day, call each moment for what it is and actually deal with it. This is the season where look at myself for who I am now, yet in the loving light of who I was created to be so that I can clearly see the steps I need to take to get from here to there. This is the season where I’m pursuing my completeness, my balance, my joy in Him alone!

I pray you all enter a similar season of truth and completeness in Him and claim success for us all in walking in that each and every day that we walk this earth. Shalom beloved!~

Surrendered to Him~

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How would embracing a particular truth in your life have a positive effect on your ability to change?

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