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2014_02_03 M2C_Obedience

Learning to delight in obedience has been my intentional goal for the last year or so. In the course of that time I have come to see the purpose for obedience in all sorts of new ways and realized that it carries more benefits than I ever could have imagined. The desire to be obedient to God is now one of the top desires that fuels my journey to surrender and my everyday life. That, however, doesn’t mean that desire has been efficiently applied over every aspect of my life. There are still many areas, like the self-control issues that resulted in my weight gain, that are in need of a major obedience makeover.

How to transform from delighting in my desires, my laziness, to delighting in obedience

Lysa used a word in these chapters repeatedly that have turned out to be the answer to that dilemma for me. The word is “choice”. In the midst of all the excuses I could, and have been, standing on, in the midst of all the honestly legitimate reasons why I cannot do this, I have to make a choice to do what needs to be done, to be obedience to the call to rededicate this temple, and to be diligent in pursuing its best. I have to get over myself. I have to stop enabling myself. I have to practice tough love on myself and get real about this situation. I have to make a choice that NOTHING in this world is more important than this task that God has given me and behave accordingly. That choice erases failure as an option. That choice guarantees success. It doesn’t define what that success will look like or guarantee that it will meet my ridiculous standards, but it does guarantee that according to the will and desires of HaShem {YHVH, literally The Name} I WILL be successful.

See as long as something is an option, it is a possibility. If you don’t want something to be a possibility, then you must erase it as an option. I have made the choice that failure is not an option, that success is the only acceptable outcome to this journey. Thus that is what I will receive. Over the last week this has become more and more clear to me. I began this journey to rededication back on January 2 at the weight of 307. After a serious of fasts and completely picking apart the purpose of food and what role it is intended to play in my life, this week I have seen 291 on the scale. Granted this is a “nearing the end of a fast” weigh in, but the changes in my body have been AMAZING! Through being obedient to the way He has laid out this journey and not attempting to follow anyone else’s plan or scrutinize over how it “should” look, I have been rewarded greatly and come to know Him and depend on Him in a whole new way!

Learning to delight in obedience doesn’t stop with weight loss

One of the most beautiful things about journeys like this is that the lessons you learn from them, the growth that you gain from them, overflows into the rest of your life thus becoming a part of who you are in every way. An example of this for me is my refrigerator, which broke last week. I have the funds available to get another one and many options available for purchase. Yet I have still not purchased a new refrigerator. Why? Because God has not revealed His will to me yet.

It would be really easy to take this worldly money, give it to a worldly store, and save my self the discomfort I currently face with a worldly solution. But that would be acting according to my desires and making things happen according to my will. “Surely God wants you to have a refrigerator!” many would say. But until HE tells me that I shall not move! Without His clear direction I shall not take a step! His ways are not my ways and His thoughts not my thoughts, and I am willing to walk along with Him, following His lead, and surrender to His timing. I don’t know what He has planned for my family, but I know that it is far better than anything I could muster with my own means.

He has not abandoned us and we are not suffering, merely inconvenienced. We have a deep freezer, two coolers, and plenty of reusable ice packs {one of the perks of grocery shopping online}. So I shall take this walk with the Father and hand my heart over to Him for Him to do as He sees fit. See I’ve solved my own problems before. I know how that turns out. I am fully aware of where that road leads. They say if you want a different result then you have to take different action. So today, with a solution of my own in my hand, I make the choice to wait on Him. I make the choice to inhale His Presence and be still.

Delighting in obedience renews the mind

See I’ve learned that obedience is not just about what you do. It is also about what you don’t do. I must yield to Him in every way and every fashion. His will is to be the prevailing factor in every moment. But if I’m always running off to execute what I assume His will is or what the most logical solution would be, then I am acting according to the ways of the world and not the ways of HaShem. My obedience begins with patience, through rejecting quick fixes and band aid solutions, with taking the time to evaluate the situation according to the Word and fervently seek His counsel on the matter. It begins with me slowing down, being still, and waiting on Him.

I’m not going to lie. I feel like I’m behind in everything, and by the world’s standards I am. My spirit however, is at complete peace with my progress both in weight loss and life and I wholeheartedly believe this is because I am walking with Him and feel His Presence and approval with me in each step. If I don’t feel that, then I don’t step. It is the most challenging thing He has ever asked me to do, but yet I am learning more and more each day to bask in joy of relying solely on Him.

Exercising my trust and faith in HaShem has been the most liberating thing I have ever experienced. I pray it is or becomes the same for you. Be courageously vulnerable in your walk and watch Him shine! Shalom beloved!~

Surrendered to Him~

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How has learning to delight in obedience enhanced your walk?

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  1. Missy
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    Kimberly, the word choice was entirely convicting for me, too. I’m encouraged by your desire to deepen your obedience to God and inspired by your willingness to own your part in decision making. It’s so easy to “forget” that no one made me choose to eat the treat… May God keep moving us forward step by step, ever closer to Him!

    🙂 Missy (OBS Blog Hop Team)

    • ~rose~
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      Shalom Missy! You are SO right! It is easy to forget the power of choice, to forget that we have a choice in each and every moment. It may not be a choice that offers us an option that we like, but we always have a choice nonetheless.Thanks for stopping by and sharing your heart! Blessings to you and yours!~

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