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2015_01_19 Bathroom


You know the scenario…company drops by and you are having a good time. Then someone asks, “May I use your bathroom?” Immediately the thoughts start racing through your head. How many places have the kids smeared toothpaste? Did I sweep that floor today? Is the laundry even in the basket or did they just aim in that direction and call it day? Not that any of you would have such problem 😉 , but I have two bathroom tornadoes and a preteen living with me!

But that lovelies, is all changing this week! I have been making some improvements in my bathroom and I am going to cap it all off with a good deep clean. I’m talking baseboards, caulk lines, the works! I’m even going to do a baking soda and vinegar flush on the drains…not that there would be any reason to believe that something may have ended up down there…lol. Then we are going to do a daily inspection before bed to make sure that it stays that way!

Truthfully though, this is not just about visitors. This is about us and our families. In most families, especially stay at home ones, the bathroom is just about the only place one can go to find a moment of solitude. It is where those bubble baths that we dream of longingly take place. It is where we wash the day away. So we all deserve for it to be at its best.

So I’m am taking the challenge to turn my bathroom into the spa oasis that my family and I deserve and teaching my rambunctious little tornadoes how to keep it that way.  This is a big step for us because the bathroom is literally the last room to be worked on in my ongoing whole-house remodel. I guess since the bathroom has always been kind of a mess design wise, I never bothered to crack down on how it was kept up.

As we grow in living what we believe though, we have to take on those bigger and better lessons of truth. We have to learn to care for what we have in order to stand in expectation of something greater {Luke 16:10-12}. We have to learn that what we have is to be treasured and treated as such. These are the lessons we are learning in my bathroom this week and beyond. These are the lessons that we will carry with us throughout the house and more.

So join me on my bathroom adventures throughout this week. I’m sure yours doesn’t need as much love and care as mine, but pick a spot that usually goes neglected and put some extra care into it. Hang a picture or add some new decorating touches. Candles are always a plus! The point is to make it warm and inviting, not only to your guests but to your family as well. If your household can learn to respect the bathroom of all places, just imagine what they could learn in the rest of the house! I pray you resolve, consistency, and strong arms beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


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