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2015_06_01 Slave


About a month ago I spent the day watching Alex Haley’s Roots. It had been awhile since I’d seen it and I wanted to review it and decide when would be a good time to watch it with my oldest daughter. So there I sat, me and Ruach HaKodesh {The Holy Spirit}, screening this movie to discern where it should be placed in our curriculum…or at least I thought I was doing. The Lord had quite a few other lessons to teach through this process though.  It never ceases to amaze me the tools He will use to teach things and how involved He gets in the learning process!

As I watched hour after hour, I was blatantly confronted with this ever present trend. Mind you, I had studied this phenomenon before, but this day it was just remarkably more vivid and presently valid. There were three types of salves in this movie. {Truthfully this is the case in every instance of slavery ever recounted including Israel.} There were the ones who wanted freedom more than anything else and were willing to make sacrifices and even suffer in order to get it, the ones who thought freedom would be nice but weren’t willing to risk everything to attain it, and those that couldn’t even conceive freedom and simply did all that they could to make the best life for themselves as a slave.

As the saga continued, another thing stood out stronger than ever before. These different types of slaves didn’t mix well together. They didn’t understand each other and caused each other all kinds of strife and pain. If somehow they did manage to bond on some level though, one always changed the other…the way they thought, the way they dreamed, what they were willing to settle for, the way they talked.  Not once, however, were these different types of slave able to co-mingle successfully and remain the way they were when they met.

It got me thinking about people, their walk with Yeshua {Jesus}, and how or if they walk the path that leads away from the world and brings daily renewal of the mind {Romans 12:2}. Before Yeshua, we were all slaves for the world, but by Him and through Him we have access to Freedom, being delivered from slavery and made heirs {Galatians 4:3-7}. Yet very few claim the fullness of that freedom, even after coming to know Him as their Lord and Savior, making three types of slaves in the Faith as well.

The question is which type of slave are/were you?

1.   The one who wants the fullness of freedom more than anything else and is willing to make sacrifices and suffer in order to get it.

~You have realized that this road is not all roses, yet you keep walking toward that goal of living more and more like Yeshua each and every day.

~You know that some things that have meant a great deal to you in the past are going to have to go, but as much as you want to hold on to them, you want a life with Him more.

~You can acknowledge you may not be where you want to be or where you need to be but you are not where you were, and you keep moving forward no matter what.

~Put side by side with the world, the differences between you and it, in appearance, demeanor, and/or actions, are so drastically different that anyone can identify them.

2. The one who thinks freedom would be nice but aren’t willing to risk everything attain it.

~You believe in Yeshua and do all that you can on the surface to be an upstanding believer, maybe even including attending regular services and serving in the church.

~Outside of your added duties within the church and/or a few adjustments here and there, your life doesn’t look all that much different than it did before you came to know Yeshua.

~You believe that you are spiritually complete where you are.

~When put side by side with the world, without any identifying marks such as a cross around your neck and so on, very few can simply glance at your appearance, demeanor, and/or actions and tell any difference.

3. Those that can’t even conceive freedom and simply do all that they can to make the best life for themselves as a slave.

~You may or may not believe in Yeshua as a Divine part of the Triune God. Maybe your grandmother took you to church and you know a bit about Him, but that stuff is just not for you or you don’t think it’s that serious.

~You work the system for everything you can, making your own way and clearing your own paths as you go along.

~You may not have everything you want or need, but you will keep going until you get it for yourself.

~Put side by side with the world, there is no difference.

Sadly, there are many in the #2 category that have yet to realize the significance of the third and fourth characteristics. Even more than that, many who have made it into the #1 category are still yoked with people {other than a spouse} who are in the #2 or even #3 category. Paul tells us that we have nothing in common with the unbeliever {2 Corinthians 6:14-18}. Therefore I urge you to seriously evaluate where you stand on this spectrum and search your heart for why that is and what you are willing to do about it. Don’t let pride and self-righteousness stand in the way of your Freedom! You may be humbly surprised at some of things you find. In all honesty, I most certainly was!

I pray this opens doors and windows for Ruach {Spirit} to flood into your life and lift you into the Potter’s molding hands. May the path He has for you be illuminated brightly and the angels flock to guide your way. Shalom beloved!~

Surrendered to Him~


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  1. D'Nika
    | Reply

    The question is which type of slave are/were you?

    I use to be number 1. Four years ago…I was like that for 11 years…

    Now I will say I identify more with number 2. for the past 4 years….

    With this exception: You believe that you are spiritually complete where you are.

    …I know I am not complete, no one is not even the number 1s who think they are at times but contrary to the scriptures…
    In PSALMS 51 David said he acknowledge his sin which were ever before him… In 1 Timothy Paul claimed to be the chief of sinners

    Which is why these are not unlike the slaves…1s 2s and 3s don’t get along inside OR outside the church/tabernacle.

    • ~rose~
      | Reply

      You are SO right! None of them are ever complete. That is one of the biggest revelations of #1…that you know you aren’t where you need to be and keep pushing and striving each day to be and live more like Him. That humility, in my opinion, is key! Glad you came by! Blessings dear SiSter.~

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