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2013_09_23 Approach

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to be feminine when you are in the company of the masculine? Masculine energy seems to demand that the feminine within emerge and come forth. The stronger the masculine, the stronger it pulls on the feminine. It’s all part of the Immaculate Balance that our Daddy in Heaven set forth in Creation. Everything has its opposite in this Universe, the thing that balances it out.

Sounds absolutely delicious doesn’t it! Truthfully, when you can find it, it is. In the Divine Design, masculinity and femininity were meant to encourage and motivate each other to achieve the height of their best. The balance between them was intended to foster a “reflex” of sorts, fueling their pursuit and development unconsciously. In these times where both are increasingly rare, especially paired together, each is left to find their own motivation and encouragement and to develop them with conscious purpose.

In terms of femininity, in my humble opinion, that has an extra layer of difficulty attached to it. Although there is an admittedly growing difficulty for expression in intimate relationships, the natural world gives one plenty of opportunities to assert masculinity and dominance. The opposite is not so true. As a deepening in desire and manifestation in femininity and submission begin to emerge in a woman’s life, many issues, especially safety and security, inevitably rear their heads. One of the most common questions that come my way as a result is, “How can one fully embrace and actively live a surrendered life without a clear and present masculine component?”

Well that depends on how you are defining masculine and feminine. Many of us define it in terms of men and women’s roles and/or appearance and mannerisms. I’d like you to think of it from a different perspective though. While I have extremely strong personal views regarding the feminine and masculine including their roles, responsibilities, appearance, and mannerisms, I define the terms by methods of approach. In other words, it’s more about how you do something than it is about what you are doing.

The method in which you approach a situation, job, or problem says a great deal about how you see yourself – your strengths, weakness, values, and purpose. In the same regard, anything can be approached in a way that compliments who you are, including safety and security. The first step is to realize, truly realize, that you are NEVER without the presence of Masculinity. The Creator of all, our God in Heaven, has that department covered better than any earthly being ever could!

The next is using that realization to confidently define what femininity and submission look like for you. The Word lays forth many attributes directly and infers others. After that foundation though, the rest is tailored specifically for you by Him. It is up to you to make that effort to ask Him and to embrace, apply, and rehearse what He tells you so it can manifest powerfully in your life. This builds confidence in who you are called to be and how you are called to behave and allows you to approach anything from that position knowing He’s got you covered.

So whatever you have been holding on to, whatever you have held off on embracing, now is the time to shake free. Regardless of who you have or don’t have in your life, you can live thoroughly immersed in all things feminine. Now is your time to reach down and grab hold of those things that you have given up on or drowned in fear, dust them off, and get them ready for display! Next week we will start diving into them one by one with natural beauty recipes, beauty techniques, fashion, and the like with a monthly post on real situations. I was just really led by the Spirit to address this issue first, especially for my single readers. If you have any specific situation you want to talk about how to approach, or anything else, feel free to email me or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to address it for you. Be blessed beloved!~


Surrendered to Him~



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    As always, great post my friend!

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      Thank you dear sister! I’m so honored you stopped by! Be blessed!~

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