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2014_09_08 Thanks

When it comes to changing habits, lifestyles, and such I truly believe the best way to remove the undesired is to drown it out or smother it out with the desirable. I find that for me it is a much more thorough process and I don’t feel deprived or develop guilt when I fall short. Instead I work steadily to add something desirable and before I know it the undesirable is gone away!

Well during my reflection last week I found something undesirable. In the course of processing the passing of someone who had once been a big part of my life, a great deal of negativity crept into my thought processes. I was thoroughly shocked at some of the thought patterns that resurfaced and how my perspective on the situation and things in general shifted.

However, as I pushed through the thoughts and continued to go forward I began to see so many positive lessons being revealed. As painful and trying as that process was it brought forth some patterns in a fresh, new light. I saw solutions and growth to come in through those patterns. I got excited and began to give thanks for the blessing of being taught and improved upon. That thanks and praise going up brought even more lessons and revelations down!

So this week my focus will be on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” The key word of focus in that is “all”. The Greek word used for “all” in that verse means: all, any, every, the whole, each part, every manner of, always, thoroughly, whatsoever, everything. It doesn’t get any more all-inclusive than that! In other words, there are no exceptions to being thankful, no excuses not to be grateful.

So no matter how much something hurts, feels bad, or seems wrong, it is up to us to find a way to be thankful for it. That thanksgiving and gratitude opens our minds and eyes to the blessings present in the situation. It also smothers out all negativity, leaving a realistic view covered in with positive expectations. It gives fuel to that process in James 1:2-18. That is the space I seek to inhabit, to take up permanent residence in!

I pray that gratitude and praise flood your spirit, mind, and body over the course of this week and your life as a whole. No matter how you view this holiday season in the U.S., let the flood of thanksgiving into the atmosphere wash over your life. Embrace the spirit of gratitude as it flows so abundantly through the hearts of many. Allow it to assist in your shift into a thankful space, making your transition even easier. Be blessed in all you undertake beloved and know you are loved! Shalom!~


Surrendered to Him~





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