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2013_09_16 Home Management

I had given this series a break while I waited to see which way Spirit was going to lead me with it. Well I got my marching orders and I ready to take off. This series will cover various areas of home management and all the things that entails. Honestly, I should have seen this one coming given the title…lol. With that in mind, welcome back to Get Your House In Order!

Home management is so much more important than most people realize and thus one of the major areas we tend to short change ourselves. Often we become so involved in serving others that we let some, if not all, of our primary responsibilities fall to the way side. This is one of the biggest mistakes that we can make.

The home is a vital sanctuary for us and our families, especially the Christian home. With all the things that we see and hear and experience out in the world, coming home and closing the world outside can bring such a relief. It is where we recharge and bathe ourselves in peace and love. In order for a home to provide all of this, however, your home must be inviting, warm, and in order.

Creating that kind of welcoming environment requires order and cleanliness in everything from attitude to the actual physical state of the house. It includes finances and nutrition and so much more in between. It is the deluxe total package!

As with anything though, it all much start somewhere. That somewhere for this new turn in the series is going to be orchestrating the energy in your home. So between now and next Wednesday take conscious note of the energy and pace in your home. Do you like it? Does it rejuvenate you or drain you even further? What are some things you could do to improve it? Then come back here on Wednesday and we’ll get going! Be blessed beloved!~


Surrendered to Him~



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