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2015_03_02 Truth


Firstly, I want to thank you all for your support and grace as I told my redemption story last week. It made for a very liberating and enlightening Pesach for me and continues to touch me through the end of this Feast. I pray that in some way my telling encouraged and inspired, soothed and comforted, or enriched the compassion and empathy of some blessed spirit out there.

Too often in our walk we caught up in holiness and lost in the pursuit of it. We get led into the trap of thinking that it is holiness that saves us, or holiness that makes us worthy. When the truth of it is that not one of us is worthy, not one of us is holy. It is the Blood that covers us that is Worthy, the Blood that is Holy!

As long as those things in our past remain secret and taboo, they are a foothold for the enemy to flood our minds and our spirits with doubt and self-condemnation. Even the slightest hint of this can have profound effects on our overall impact in the Kingdom. No secret is worth that…worth allowing him to have that kind of power over your life and what you can and cannot accomplish for the Kingdom.

The healing really is in the telling and the answer truly lies in the sharing. Old festered wounds need to be opened up, cleaned out, and allowed to heal in a clean and nurturing environment. There is no other place in existence that qualifies better for that than the arms of the Father, than at the Throne of Grace. So now that you are in His Embrace, I encourage you…tell your story and clear the air suffocating you spirit, grounding your flight.

Release the shame and guilt. Lay it on the altar and give it over to Him. Allow Him to show you what Love really is, what Unconditional truly means. Accept all that He gives as the gift that it is, knowing that you couldn’t earn it even if you knew how. Trust and believe that it is only by Yeshua’s Sacrifice that you are redeemed and set free.

Look at your past in terms of what it is, events that led you to where you are today. If you have asked for forgiveness, then you have received it. That part is over! Now all that is left is lessons learned and testimonies to share. You bring glory to the Kingdom in telling what He’s done for you and how far He’s brought you. You bring hope to those who think they can’t have what you have because of where they are now. You show the enemy that you are no longer bound to his lies. You embrace the freedom of Truth and all the Power that comes with it! What a mighty vessel for the Lord you become!

So whatever it is that no one knows, whatever that thing is that you hope no one ever finds out about…tell it. Tell it to a stranger, tell it to a friend, tell it to family, or tell it to the world. It doesn’t matter how you tell or to whom…just tell it! When you feel that lift in your spirit, when you feel that bit of pressure release from the depths of your soul, you will be encouraged to push forward and tell some more. I pray you courage and boldness beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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