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2013_07_29 Association

Over the last couple of months, the Holy Spirit has been guiding me on a “clean-up tour” of sorts. It has been quite an enlightening experience, to say the least, and I have gained more insight into what He desires of me than I ever even considered existed. Toward the end of last week, I began to get insight on what is apparently the next stop on the “clean-up tour”…social media. To be exact, the question posed to me was, “what does your friends list say about you?”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about being a separatist or elitist. That wouldn’t be proper for my calling or my line of work. This is not about who follows or subscribes to what I put out into social media. Part of my job is to lift people up, help people grow, and inspire people to embrace the beauty of who they are and I truly enjoy watching those lovely butterflies come out of their cocoon and take flight. No, this is a question as to who am I following and who am I associating with.

Granted, I am very careful about these things. I check profiles and look at feeds before I associate with someone online. I even take time to look into the things they are associated with and that interest them. Where I got caught with the Holy Spirit was not re-checking profiles periodically to see if we were still compatible. People change; I’m a prime example of that. Yet, I rarely ever go back and check someone’s profile later. Most social media sites are set up so that you don’t have to. So as long as nothing outrageous shows up in my feed, I don’t even consider whether my online affiliation with someone is no longer a match.

Last week, I got an eye full of that lesson though. Someone posted an image that I really liked and I remembered that I’d gotten an image like that from them before. So I went to their profile to see if they had an album dedicated to those kinds of images or something of the sort. I was floored at what I found! I didn’t find an album of the pretty little images I was looking for, but Lord God Almighty did I find some pictures! I didn’t even have to look for them; they were displayed all over the front page!

I went through this with someone else once before, and it was one of the most difficult things for me to do. My ministry and my line of work are more than just something I was called to do; they are an engrained part of who I am. So every time I disconnect from someone online I feel like I’m cutting a soul off, like I’m letting them down and throwing them away. It is a horribly gut-wrenching feeling! Praise God for His mercy though! He gave me a revelation that has helped me through this issue so much and to see that guilt for the lie that it is!

There is a whole other side of this situation that I wasn’t looking at that has to do with becoming desensitized. I believe that is one of the reasons behind the calls placed on our lives in 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1. We were ordained to be holy, set apart, consecrated unto Him. This is not so we can look down on other people or turn our backs on those in need. This is so that those unclean things remain shocking to us, so that the urgency of the gospel is maintained. When you are constantly bombarded by something, whether you actively accept it or not, you get “used to it” on some level. It just becomes something that “is” and it loses its impact.

We have a responsibility to the ministry that all children of God are called into to remain sensitive to the issues of the world. We can do the gospel a major disservice when we let horrors become common-place to us. Think about it. You pray fervently for those things that break your heart or bring you great concern. Your passion to affect change burns hot for those things that horrify you or strike you deep in your spirit. Those things that have become a regular part of your everyday life get little to no attention from you once they have beaten your spirit into that vague level of acceptance.

It is by remaining dismayed, by continuing to be taken aback, that we bring forth a stronger Word in due season. It allows us to speak openly on those things that are plaguing the lives of those we are called to minister to. It gives us the means to show others that life doesn’t end when those things are removed, that fun is still possible. Most importantly, it keeps prayers and passions, the things that affect some of the biggest change in this world, flowing towards the betterment and growth of God’s Kingdom!

So be mindful of what you take in, especially in this age of social media and fast paced living. Check your senses on a regular basis to see what you are subjecting them to. What are you hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching? What do you encounter every day without any thought of that used to shock you? Should it still shock you? Was there anything that you were “on fire” to affect change in when you first believed that you hardly even notice any more? All of these are questions you can use to periodically check yourself and what you are consistently taking in. As you make steps towards Him and the Word He places on your heart, you’ll be amazed at how He acts to finish to job! Be blessed!

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