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2013_07_15 Schedules & Accountability

Picture this: You have a mighty calling on your life, a goal you are determined to meet, etc., you are fully fueled with the motivational reason you need keep you going in hard times, and you take off strong out of the starting gate. Even with your motivation, however, you keep starting and stopping and it’s beginning to drain your energy. You feel like you are spinning your wheels, never really moving forward in anything, just continuously starting over.

We’ve all been there at one point or another and there’s nothing fun about it. What we have to realize is that most journeys involve some aspect of our life’s background noise changing along the way. Life’s background noise is made up of those things that you really don’t even think about anymore. They have become so engrained in your everyday life that they have become almost invisible to your consciousness. These are your habits, routines, schedules, etc. It is the invisibility to our consciousness that makes these aspects so difficult to change. We do them, or don’t do them, without realizing it.

So, in effect, when we must literally retrain ourselves for the things required along our new path in life. Well, how did we get these habits to begin with? Most of us got many of them as a child. Someone constantly told us what to do, checked to see if we did it, and provided consequences for our action or lack of action. In other words, it took schedules with clear instructions, motivation, and accountability to teach us the way of life we know today. The difference now is that no one is going to do it for us. We now must provide the elements needed for ourselves.

To begin with you need a clear cut schedule. Now this is the time to be bluntly honest with yourself about your needs, tendencies, and abilities. I find the easiest way for me to do this is to sit down and identify what my current schedule is. Then I identify what I think my ideal schedule will look like when I reach my destination. Knowing how big a leap I am capable of making successfully, I lay out various stages in between depending on the size of the gap I must close. My earnest advice: Resist the urge to do this in your head. Having it on paper, or screen, makes it more tangible and easier to grab hold to.

Now you have a schedule in place and a plan of action to get from point “where I am” to point “where I’m going to be”, but you still find yourself stopping and starting. That’s where the accountability comes in. We were Divinely Designed to be connected! None of us was ever intended to go it alone. You, yes you, need someone else to help you! Throughout the Bible, God made things in pairs…the sun and moon, day and night, water and land, male and female. It is written about in terms of the things possible when two or more gather in His Name. Despite modern beliefs, the strive for independence is not a natural one. We were made to be interwoven with, connected to, interdependent with, and, yes, dependent upon each other. So find someone to check in with. In Biblical terms, admit your weakness to another and let them join their faith with yours and help keep you on track.

If you, however, find yourself in a situation where you truly don’t have anyone to turn to for accountability in your everyday day life, fear not you have other options. There are chat rooms, forums, and websites all over the internet full of people longing to help someone. One of my favorites is SparkPeople. Even though it is primarily a nutrition/weight-loss site, it was created to spark motivation in others and it does. There are forums for just about anything and the community is super supportive! You can also connect with me there! Another one is FlyLady. Again while it’s primary focus is domestic/household duties, it has great tools for getting organized and taking things in pieces, and it has a forum attached to it as well. In addition, embrace timers and alarms. They are your friends in all of this!

Keep in mind though, these automated and distance solutions can only take you so far. You will eventually need another human being who is deeply involved in what is going on to help you achieve the More that you Made for. How you accomplish this is totally based on what works best for you. It may be that you cultivate new, more meaningful intimate relationships, hire a life-coach that fits your particular journey, or seek out a minister/counselor that will work deeply with you. The above options will keep you going in the interim though and give you plenty of what you need to get started.

Most important in all of this, however, is the Holy Spirit. You must keep Him as an active part of your life and acknowledge Him in all you do. He will guide you and help you maintain and reach the heights to which you were Ordained to soar! Be blessed!

Surrendered to Him~





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