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2014_05_25 Moving

In this series on optimizing energy and endurance, we have already talked about staying hydrated and being mindful of what we eat and how it affects us. Today we are going to close out with one that I have struggled with more than any other since becoming a mother, exercise. I know, I know! I don’t want to talk about it either, but it is necessary for proper temple maintenance.

My biggest battle in this has been learning to exercise without gym equipment. I have never been big on aerobic exercise. As a youth, walking was my cardiovascular activity. My idea of exercise was strength training with weights and equipment. So not being able to go to the gym is serious for me and it’s literally been years. I have learned, especially here lately, that I am going to have to learn to exercise efficiently without it though.

Maybe that’s not the issue for you, maybe there is something else keeping you separated from exercise. Believe me, I could write a whole series just on the reasons I have trouble exercising. The thing is…this is not as optional as we make it out to be. Throughout the Books of Kings and Chronicles, and many others, we see God’s reaction when the Temple was in disrepair. How much more now that He gave His only Son so that we could be saved and be the temple of His Holy Spirit!

So I urge you, get intentional about demolishing the excuses for not maintaining your temple. See a doctor if you need to, especially if you have underlying conditions that have kept you from exercising. Get deep in prayer and follow the guide of the One whose temple you are seeking to repair and/or maintain. And GET MOVING! There is too much work to be done for the Kingdom for His chosen people to be carrying around all the extra that we do. We need to have stamina, endurance, and strength to stay this course and do His work.

As an example, I will share with you a bit of how I am being intentional. I am rearranging my office so that I have floor space to lay a futon mattress on the floor, since one of my problems is the combination of being endowed with curves, having a sensitive back, and living in a house with all hardwood floors. It makes floor exercises excruciating. I will be exercising 6 days a week, alternating upper and core with lower, and increasing reps every two weeks until I get to my goal for each exercise. In May, I will be adding the NYC Ballet Workout to my routine in hopes that my affinity for dance will override my lack of affinity for aerobic exercise.

So I encourage you to reach down deep inside and look at all the ways your body stands in the way of you accomplishing your best for Him each and every day and then get intentional about fixing that. This is not about guilt or condemnation. This is about loving ourselves and loving Him enough to want to give the best we have to offer! So strive for that next level, the one just above wherever you are right now. Then when you get there strive for the next one. With each level you achieve, with each step you take, you proclaim the victory won for you on the Cross and grow closer to who you were Ordained to be!

I pray you resolve and passion beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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