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2015_02_16 Mess


I looked around my house today for a project that needs to be done or something that can be improved upon. And as I looked at the bits a mess and disorder peeking out here and there, I realized that the best thing I could do this week was embrace the source of that beautiful mess! My kids are home this week for Spring Break and I am enjoying them as much as I can. So as my house prepares to homeschool after this school year is finished, this week I am working on taking a breath and enjoying my blessings.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating just letting your house go. I’m saying that, in the midst of striving for that higher level, don’t lose sight of what is really important. The people in your household are a part of what you “manage” as well. They need time and guidance more than the laundry or a spotless floor. They need you!

Heading into my first Pesach I find that my mind drifts more toward Grace these days. I dig out the deep and the perfect will of the Father and I seek it with all my might, but I accept the forgiveness for those times my human frailty comes up short and live in the Grace. I am thankful for the lessons of failure and grateful for many of the times I didn’t make it. Life is built one moment at a time. Don’t miss this one because you’re chasing after the next.

So this week your project is to play Monopoly or Uno, build a fort in the living room and read a book, watch a movie, slide down the hallway in your socks playing the air guitar, or simply sit back and enjoy the way they do it! Your home is a blessing and until you see it as that, for the entire gift that it is, finding the desire to manage it will continue to be a struggle.

It just means more to you, in that place deep in your heart, when you can identify each task with a feeling of love. The dirty plate that fed you child her favorite meal is just easier to wash. The clothes that another was sitting in the dirt making “pies” in are just easier to wash. Floors with footprints from that walk through nature are just easier to mop. It’s the blessings that keep us going, the blessing that push us through. Enjoy them and the messes they make…and make some of your own too! Through them you can learn to embrace that “little child” that Yeshua so longs for you to be.

So kick your shoes off and have some fun! The chores will be there when you’re done! I pray you an unreserved heart and joy unspeakable! Be blessed! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


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  1. Annie B
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    Yes! Thank you for the reminder to let even the smaller things go! Annie 🙂

    • ~blckrose~
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      Shalom Annie! I’m so glad you were blessed by this! In the midst of all we do and strive for, this can too easily become.forgotten! Blessed beloved!~

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