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2014_01_05 Bandana

One night last week I had a dream that was set in the Old West. There were cowboys, prairie women, shop owners…the whole shebang. The thing that stuck out for me the most when I woke up though, after I got over the fact that I was dreaming about the Old West, was that the cowboys always wore bandanas. I mean even the prairie women had handkerchiefs!

The cowboys wore their bandanas around their neck so that if dust, debris, or anything else was flying around in the air they could easily pull it up over their nose and mouth. The prairie women kept their handkerchiefs tucked in their sleeve or waist band for quick access to shield themselves from unpleasant odors, dust swirls, and to keep themselves “presentable”. This way they were protected from things they might breathe in.

Then it hit me! What they really had were filters to help protect them the elements around them! It got me to wondering about filters in my life. Are my filters sufficient to protect me from the dangers around me? Better yet, do I even really have any filters or was I just throwing up a general shield whenever I saw danger coming my way? Do I even know what dangers I need to be filtering for?

See over the years complacency, passivity, and a false sense of security have lured me off the battlefield. I don’t draw battle plans any more or have plans to protect my family in case of attack. Now in light the worldwide political climate let me be perfectly clear here, I’m not talking about natural affairs with blueprints, bomb shelters, weapons stockpiles, and enough food storage to feed a third world nation. I’m talking about spiritual battles that, though they manifest sign and symptoms in the natural realm, have to have their battle and protection plans built in the spirit. Truth be told, I allowed myself to become so immersed in political correctness and the whole policy of indulgence, that I had lost sight of what the enemy even looked like.

I have been desensitized! Even with all the things I don’t participate in, with all of the things I don’t do, with all of the measures I’ve taken, I have still become desensitized! Why? Because I didn’t set up any filters! So all the things that I had decided were big deals and needed to be blocked got blocked, but everything that flew under my radar slid its way right on in. I had this “love all and just avoid general evil and you’ll be fine” kind of mentality, but that’s not what the Word says. It doesn’t say that those who love the Lord should generally avoid evil. It says those who love the Lord should hate evil {Psalm 97:10}.

As Christian though, we are taught so heavily about the command to love your neighbor as yourself that we tend to forget that there are things that God hates. As His children, we are to be taught by the example He sets and follow His steps as closely as we can humanly manage. But I had been taught that command in so many times and in so many different forms that I felt guilty for hating something. It has taken me some time in life to learn that you can love people, both generally and individually, as wholly as the Word commands AND hate the evil they do at the same time.

So it is back to Word for me! Time to rediscover for myself all those things that God does hate: to learn exactly what they are, why He hates them, and exactly what they look like today. But I know that is going to be a process that will develop over time, and I feel this is an emergency call to my spirit to take action. So in the meantime, as I learn and grow, I am turning on all my filters and setting them all to “high”! I have been walking around on the standard factory settings for too long. It is time to be genuinely impacted in the spirit by something. It is time to burst into tears and genuinely wail in mourning over something. I mean how many children have been killed in the last year? We all felt it, many of us even cried. But how many of us who were not directly involved fell to our knees at the foot of throne and wailed, the way the Hebrew women of old would wail, in mourning…crying out to HaShem for justice, joining ours with the voice of the blood of those babies crying out from the earth? I can tell you it wasn’t nearly as many as there should’ve been. Why? Because it happens so often it doesn’t have the impact it should on the saints.

This is not an exercise in false righteousness that requires I forget all that I have been through or that keeps me lend an ear, shoulder, or helping hand to a person in need because I’m too holy to around the evil they are facing. NO! This is about being an effective spiritual soldier! Let’s be real about it…you pray effectively about those things that impact you and light a fire of passion in you. The more desensitized you are to something the less likely you are to effectively pray about it. Our prayers are the weapons of angels! Our prayers are what deal the decisive blows on the real battlefield of life. If we don’t care, we don’t pray…and if we don’t pray, evil keeps gaining ground. I know we win in the end, but that’s not enough for me anymore! I don’t even want him {the evil one} gaining ground in the present!

So I am setting out on a mission to reclaim my sensitivity to the evils of the world, no matter how many bandanas I have to wear. I’m rebuilding the city walls around my family, so that for us the line between good and evil are perfectly clear. I’m taking the veil off our eyes so that we may be enlightened to those deeper things of God {Ephesians 1:15-23}. I pray that in your own way, according to what He places in your heart, you will do the same so we can rebuild our Army’s arsenal. Be blessed beloved!~

Surrendered to Him~

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  1. Monica J.
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    Your words resonated deeply! Particularly this: “I know we win in the end, but that’s not enough for me anymore! I don’t even want Him gaining ground in the present!”

    Hit me right in the spiritual gut. I say: Amen, Amen, Amen! Couldn’t have said it better….

    • ~rose~
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      It blesses me to know that these words resonated so deeply in you! It is really amazing to me how much my perspective changed when the revelation that inspired this post came to me! Knowing we win in the end brings great strength and comfort on those days when things seem hopeless or we’re running low on fuel, but the battlefield involves everyday life. Our quality of life improves for every inch we prevent the evil one from gaining! Be blessed beloved!~


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