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In this individualistic, ego-driven world we live in it can be far too easy to attempt to claim all the promises spoken over your life alone. This is something that I have struggled epically with in my life, especially in these last few years. It is something that Ruach has been dealing with me on for quite some time. My favorite poet, Maya Angelou, says it best…”nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.”

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Why We Need to Build One Another Up

We were built for community, for fellowship, and for relationships. As a people be cannot reach our potential alone. We must combine with another…a friend, a colleague, a partner, and, most importantly, our Creator…in order to achieve the highest limits of all that we were created to be.

Life, and all the things within it that make it great, is like a great river that is most powerful when it flows freely. And not just freely within one person, but freely between all people and life as we know it. The connection formed in Creation is real, and, if we ever intend to truly thrive, we must learn to be open and connect with others.

Ways to Build One Another Up

I have never really had a problem with acknowledging or even spreading these ideas, but somehow when it came to applying them in my own life things just never went as smoothly. It has been hard to let other people in, hard to have other people in my personal space while I’m striving and building, and hard to share the desires of my heart and soul. I have learned through more than my share of crash and burn sessions that come as a result of being overwhelmed by all that lay before me, that I can’t make it out here alone.

So I came up with a few ideas that have helped my dip my toes in the river of community without leaving myself overwhelmed by the experience.

1. Celebrate the victories of others. I have found this to be a simple way of bonding with others. It can be as simple as responding to a post on social media or as complex as organizing a special celebration.
2. Pray with and for others. Even some of the most closed of people will share a piece of themselves with you if they know your intentions are to pray for them. However, even if you don’t know any specifics about that person’s life, praying for them will still build a certain level of intimacy. It helps to remind you that they are human and connect their vulnerability with yours.
3. Offer your help when appropriate. Look for opportunities to offer your abundance to others, no matter how small that abundance may be. Sometimes just a little helping hand is enough to build someone up and build a bond with them in the process.

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How Do You Build Others Up?

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