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I don’t know about you, but for years I have had a terrible habit of trying to compartmentalize my life. I kept family in this box, relationships in another, and I put business in different room entirely. As a result, most of my life has involved running from one box to the next, one room to the next, trying to fulfill my duties without any of that messy overflow. Needless to say, it left me exhausted! If this sounds even remotely like you, I have good news. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Learning How to Blend Family & Business via @AgapeVisionsInc

One of the things that has brought me a new level of success in life is the practice of breaking down the barricades that have kept key elements of my life quarantined from each other. It has not been the smoothest transition, but the energy that it has freed up for me has made the journey worth it.

Blending family and business

The area in which this change has had the most impact is in the blending of family and business. As a single, homeschooling mom, it was difficult to find the time to be a fulltime mom and a fulltime entrepreneur, especially since my body kept insisting on strange activities like eating and sleeping. Then one day it hit me…what if I make my kids a part of my business plans!

Now, I have to be honest. As an introvert, recovering control freak, and transitioning perfectionist, this was a horrifying idea. I’m supposed to take these colorful, talkative, energetic children and include them in my business plans. How was I ever going to get anything done? How was I ever going to even be able to think? {I must at this point also confess that I am a certified drama queen.}

It’s not that bad

Turns out, I was making more of it than there really was. Including your family in your business plans can be as simple or as complicated as your family can, or has the desire to, endure. The point here is not necessarily to make your vision a family project. It is to include the ones you love and nurture in the projects that you hold dear. After all, they are far more likely to be supportive and understanding of the sacrifices and dedication that your business will require of you when they are a part of the plan.

Ways to blend family and business

Here is a list of a few basic things you can do to include your family, specifically your children, in your business plans:

1. Talk about your vision and why it is so important to you. Ask them how they would fulfill that vision if it had been given to them. You never know. They might have just the idea you need!
2. Give them jobs to do to help with your business. This can be anything as simple as sharpening pencils or filling staplers or as complicated as building a swipe file of your ideas for social media posts or putting together graphics. It all depends on their skill level and desire to participate.
3. Celebrate your successes with them. Let them know when you’ve finished a big project or reached a goal. Then have a family friendly celebration of the success. Be sure to thank them for helping you reach that goal as well. It will build an atmosphere where teamwork will thrive.

How do you blend family and business?

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