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2013_08_19 Living Prayer

What if every aspect of our existence was received in Heaven and answered as if it were an earnest prayer including our words, are actions, our thoughts? Or if the way we treated our children, our Husbands/Betrothed/Suitor, our brothers and sisters in Christ, were interpreted in Heaven and dispensed back to us as our wish list of things and actions we wanted more of in our lives? What if our lives were our prayers? Quite a sobering thought isn’t it! Praise God for His Mercy and Grace and the fact that He reads the heart man more so than the outer shell it’s wrapped in! That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t strive for those levels of awareness because on certain levels they are.

While our Beloved Daddy in Heaven does read our hearts and take everything we are in that context, the enemy doesn’t give us that same courtesy. He is always on the hunt for things he can twist and warp out of context and use against us. Of course he wouldn’t have nearly as much ammo if we stopping giving it to him.

{Quick note: If you are not yet free from the bondage of guilt, please be careful with the rest of this post. If you have any questions, concerns, or hit a rough patch, please feel free to contact me here, the email found on my “about” page, or any of the social media you see in the sidebar.}

These thoughts began to race through my mind and spirit today as I reflected on yesterday’s post about devotion. So I have challenged myself to become more mindful and treat my life as if it were a prayer. {For reference: pray(er) is defined as a petition to God in word or thought; an earnest request or wish; to make a request in a humble manner; to address God with adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving.} This means living as if every aspect of me is addressing God directly as a request, a confession, a profession, an offering of gratitude, and/or an expression of my feelings toward Him.

This is a new outlook for me, so I’m sure the outcome will be extremely eye opening! I will be starting by asking the following questions often during the day:

1. If this translated into how I feel about God, what would it say?

2. How would I want to be treated in this situation?

3. If my body language spoke for me, would I like what it was saying?

4. Would I want this in abundance in my life?

5. Are there any changes that can be made right now to give thanks to God?

My goal: To become a Living Prayer!

If any of you would like to take this challenge with me, in any capacity, at any level, please let me know. I’d be honored to host a support group for this! Be blessed!~

Surrendered to Him~




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  1. Sylvia
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    An interesting idea and your questions really lead the way on how to do it. I think I would like to take you up on your challenge if even in an informal way! Blessings to you my sister!

    • ~blckrose~
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      Shalom Sister Sylvia! Thank you so much for your comment! I would be honored to have you join me on this challenge! I’m going to let the challenge sink in over the weekend to see if anyone else wants to join. Check back here on Monday and I’ll have a post with instructions. In the mean time, if you have any preferred methods of communication feel free to email them to me at the email address on my “about” page. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon! Be blessed!~

    • ~blckrose~
      | Reply

      The group has been created! We’ll get started on Monday! Have a blessed weekend!~

      • Sylvia
        | Reply

        Great! Looking forward to it!

  2. Michell
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    Oh, I like this! This is what the Body is missing! Goes along with “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength” and “love your neighbor as yourself”. If we would keep these two things at the forefront of all we do, we would eliminate the majority of drama(which keeps us from fellowshipping with God as we should) that goes on in our lives. Thanks for sharing Rose…count me in!

    • ~blckrose~
      | Reply

      Sister Michell I agree with you SO much! I think we spend way too much time dealing with the problems on the upper levels of the buildings and completely neglect the foundation. Then wonder why the building is still falling down! Getting back to the basics is what I really need in my walk. I’m so glad to you’re in! Stay tuned…I’ll be posting the details soon! Be blessed!~

      • prowessandpearls
        | Reply

        Amen…me too! Can’t wait! Have a blessed weekend sis!;-))

        • ~blckrose~
          | Reply

          The group has been created! We’ll start on Monday! You have a blessed weekend as well dear sister!~

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