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2015_02_09 Faithful


Lately a question that I once felt burn in my spirit has come back up to receive a fresh new analysis and answer. Almost a year ago the question, “Are you faithful?,” came to me in the midst of a quite tumultuous time in my life. I was struggling in so many areas and trying to find some meaning, some missing link, to put some of the puzzle together in my mind. Now again, as I am being stretched into what, despite the discomfort of the stretching itself, are turning out to be wonderful new heights in my life, that question returns…”Are you faithful?”

Now I want you to take a moment and actually click that link and read the full definition of “faithful”, grasp the depths of what I’m asking you. When we hear the word faithful, just like when we hear the word sin, we tend to think of the big things. We think of being physically unfaithful {being intimate with someone who’s not your husband, etc.}. But I submit to you that being faithful entails so much more than keeping your body free from contamination {2 Corinthians 7:1}. For the purposes of this discussion we are going to deal with just one aspect that is not traditionally thought of when considering one’s faithfulness. We are going to look at whether or not we are faithful in our God given creative powers here on this earth.

I am speaking of the first Words we were given as fallen man to define the position we operate from in the earth…the position that defines the foundation of all the other things we are called to do as a member of the body of Christ. This foundation, for us ladies, is found in Genesis 3:16. This verse speaks not only to our submission, but to our creative seat as well. It speaks about our wombs, both physical and spiritual, and the fruit we bear from them. Therefore we exhibit our faithfulness by only bearing forth the fruit from the “seeds” planted by the O/one who covers us. The key to this being a faithful action is that word “only”. The only seed we are to manifest the fruit of is that which is planted by the O/one we are Divinely Ordained to live in submission to, be it Elohim directly through Yeshua {single ladies whom no one is early “responsible for”} or by way of a man to Elohim through Yeshua {married ladies or ladies still in their earthly father’s house}. Please note that you are called to exhibit faithfulness at each level of this chain of command {1 Corinthians 11:3} as it exists in your life. In other words, you are to be faithful to the “seeds” planted in your life by Father through Yeshua and by the Holy Spirit. If there is also a man in your life that covers you, you are called to that same level of faithfulness to his “seed”.

Sounds simple right? Well, remember I told you earlier this goes so much deeper than those things we typically think of when considering one’s faithfulness. Think on these questions as you consider your faithfulness:

1. Married ladies…If there is a spot on your body that your husband can’t touch without reminding you of what some man before him did to you…are you faithful?

2. Single ladies…If it irritates you to be in the presence of a particular man simply he has a habit that reminds you of a man who did you wrong in the past…are you faithful or is that man’s “seed” still in your womb?

3. If every time you look at a particular part of your body, perform a task, etc. you not only hear the condemning voice of someone in your past but you heed that voice, believe that voice on some level, submit to what that voice is saying instead of standing on the positive truths of who you are in Yeshua…are you faithful or is that person’s “seed” still in your womb?

4. If you are speaking things contrary to those spoken by the O/one who covers you…are you faithful or are you allowing Satan to use your mouth to plant weeds to smother the “seeds” so they can’t grow properly into the vibrant fruit they were Divinely Purposed to be?

Therefore I urge you to do this…sit down with the Father and go through those questions above, and any others that He brings to your consciousness, and be real about your answers. {Please note this is not going to be a quick sit down. Once you open this door with Him, He will continuously reveal these things to you over time, realistically years. The point here is to get started and address those elephants in the room so to speak and then continue on from there.} Be sure to get specific about what you find so that you can expel them by name and do a serious cleansing of your spiritual womb, clearing it completely and restoring it to its Ordained level of purity. But for now, just be honest with Him and bring all the things that have been weighing you down and keeping you from yielding the bountiful harvest you are capable of yielding to the surface so they can be dealt with once and for all.

Remember through this entire journey just how much He loves you and know that I love you too. I pray you willingness, desire, and strength! Be blessed! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


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