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Go into the deepest corners of my soul
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You’ll be hard pressed to find another one like me

[title text=”The name…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]For the majority of her life, Kimberly Banks has been in one way or another named by the one who covered her. She first held her father’s name, then her husband’s, and then through various nicknames and such, the name given to her by whomever she was in a relationship with. Upon her rebirth, God told her, “Give to Me what you have been trying to give to men.” That included the right to name her.[/bullet] [bullet]Since He’s been there from the beginning, He chose a name that had been with her from the beginning. The journey of ~rose~ began with a tattoo of a black rose with a heart in the middle that she got at the age of 18 with a banner underneath that simply said, “Black Rose”. It endured through the years and came to signify many things through the seasons of her life. That day though, He erased the blackness, the darkness, and filled her world with His Light, leaving only the Rose. The “R” is now bowed out of reverence to Him and it is usually found with “~” on either side to signify the Grace and Mercy He surrounds her with daily, leaving her to now simply be called ~rose~.[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”Spiritually…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Above all else, a child of Elohim…bought with the Blood of Yeshua, saved by Grace, dependent of His Mercy, and led and kept by Ruach HaKodesh.[/bullet] [bullet]A Torah-observant follower of the Way whose faith in God supersedes all else. She’s been up and down that road between light and dark and is SO grateful He chose to deliver her from it all. Her spirit is free in the balance between what she believes and who she is, as she is daily transformed into who He desires her to be.[/bullet] [bullet]Ever evolving and growing, changing from day to day and, at times, moment to moment. Just when you think you have her figured out something else enters the scene and disputes your entire theory. But despite her free and fluttering surface, her essence is strongly grounded and in tune with who she is, where she is, and most importantly, where she’s going. Her desires and morals don’t waiver with the wind…only her path and methods change from time to time.[/bullet] [bullet]A bird in flight learning to enjoy every breeze of her journey. Residing in the clouds keeps her perspective on the little things honest so she can keep her eyes on the big picture instead getting stuck on every little bump in the road.[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”In Life…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]A homeschooling, single mom of 3 girls juggling a lot on her plate and defeating her obstacles one by one.[/bullet] [bullet]An introverted extrovert. She loves to let loose with a select few…it feeds her soul…but to the masses she is quite modest and quiet. {Of course many times those select few long for the days when they knew her as the quiet one…lol}[/bullet] [bullet]A strong, submissive woman who enjoys embracing her power almost as much as she enjoys yielding it[/bullet] [bullet]A believer in old-fashioned views on men and women’s roles {think Old Testament meets Victorian meets 1950s and you have a general idea…wink}[/bullet] [bullet]A playful outer child with an inner adult that helps to keep her in line…sometimes[/bullet] [bullet]A country-living, technology enjoying girl who is striving to live sustainably off the grid[/bullet] [bullet]A hippie-style sporting, cookie-cutter reject with a grunge flair who is serious about modesty[/bullet] [bullet]A hippie-style sporting, cookie-cutter reject with a grunge flair who is serious about modesty[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”Her passion…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Her passion rests in the Divine Order of things, in life as God created it to be lived. He gave each creation a place and a purpose. He created for each a plan {Jer. 29:11} and in His infinite and perfect wisdom He saw fit to give some rule over others {Gen. 1:26, 28}. Even among those created in His image He delegated both desire and rule {Gen. 3:16} and created a standard rule of order {1 Cor. 11:3}.[/bullet] [bullet]It is her purpose, her calling, to use all that He has poured into her to breathe new life into these truths in the midst of a world, and often a church, that works diligently to convince us otherwise, especially in the case of single moms and their children. It is her hope that through sharing this journey and the revelations that He lavishes upon her along the way, that He will reveal how these truths apply to the lives of single moms and that those truths will help single moms tap into their ordained place in the Divine Order, realize and embrace their purpose, and live in the fullness that comes from being Divinely Covered![/bullet] [/bullets]

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