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Agape Visions, Inc. is a Kingdom-minded, for-profit business with a ministry heart. In an effort to keep the cost of products and services low and provide as many free resources as possible, Agape Visions, Inc. has taken measures to offset the cost running this site and other pertinent fees. Below are explanations of those measures. Please check back often as these measures and policies are subject to change.

Note: The contents of this site, including all products and services offered by Agape Visions, Inc., are intended for use with women and children only. {1 Timothy 2:12; Titus 2:3-5; Deuteronomy 6:7}


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Product and Service Reviews

In keeping with its mission of Enhancing the Lives of Single Moms, Agape Visions, Inc. may from time to time review a product or service.  While many of these reviews may be unsolicited, some may be sponsored in the form of free products or services and/or payment. Regardless of whether it is sponsored or not, only products and services that have been personally tried and used by the reviewer will be reviewed and opinions will be based on honest experiences with them. I, the owner, will do my best to inform you when a review is sponsored and how.


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