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Vision: {English} manner of seeing”]

[title text=”The name…”]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Love is a mighty and powerful thing! Love can change hearts and minds, bringing about change in places and ways that nothing else ever could. The Word even tells us in 1 John 4:8 that God is Love, for truly it was Love that held Yeshua to the cross, not nails. Imagine then what a powerful change could occur if we all began to daily walk in Love, to view all things through Love, to spread Love wherever we went. That is the concept behind Agape Visions, Inc., learning to see all people, things, and situations through His Love.[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”The heart…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Agape Visions, Inc. is a Kingdom business with a ministry heart. God is at the center of everything here and all products and services are provided from that perspective, whether paid or free. The goal is to do everything possible to enrich and improve the lives of all who visit and/or partake in what is offered here.[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”The purpose…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Over the course of time the biblical truths of submission, femininity, motherhood, and womanhood in general have become lost, buried, or flat out rejected. Unfortunately, this is not just the case out in the world. It has also become common-place within the church as well. One of the hardest hit groups by the phenomenon is single mothers.[/bullet] [bullet]Being a single mom brings with it some unique challenges. Living a life surrendered to God, with all the ins and outs of biblical womanhood and femininity, adds even more to the table. Unfortunately there are very few places a single mom can go to get Bible-based guidance on meeting these challenges. Agape Visions, Inc. is here to change all that![/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”The plan…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Agape Visions, Inc. seeks to build a virtual community center for single moms to learn, fellowship, and, most importantly…deepen their surrender to Him![/bullet] [bullet]It is through surrender to Him that we are able to embrace our power and live in the abundance He created us for! To encourage along this journey, personal testimonies, practical application techniques for living daily in alignment with God’s Word, and inspired studies can be found in the Journey2Surrender blog and the unique products and services offered.[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”The perspective…“]

[bullets type=”custom” txt_color=”#1c1c1c”] [bullet]Agape Visions, Inc. does not condone “pushing” one’s faith upon another in any way. However, denying or masking one’s faith it not the manner in which the Father Ordained us to live, nor does it follow the example Yeshua Sacrificed to set. Therefore, while all content, products, and services are denominationally neutral, open to all, and carry no conversion agenda at all, it is prudent to note that they are provided from the perspective of a Torah-observant believer.[/bullet] [/bullets]

[title text=”The process…“]

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