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2014_03_23 Priorities

This week we are heading into the meat of the day as I like to call it. In my opinion, the key to success in this area is in setting priorities, learning when you are at your best for certain tasks, setting and maintaining clear boundaries, and learning to be flexible to the call of the Spirit through it all. Now don’t get antsy on me…we’re not talking about all of that today. We will split this one over four weeks.

Today we are simply talking about setting priorities that we mean and can commit to. This list is going to look different for everyone, but there are some basics in the Word that I would like to put out there as a template to get you started. Now I realize that there are different variables involved from core beliefs, to levels of faith, to aspects of life, and beyond. So, as always, I advise you to take each of these to the Father in prayer and find out exactly how it is that they are to be applied in your life.

In order of priority you have:

1. Elohim: {Genesis 1:27} You are first and foremost a child of The Father, created in His image, and time with Him is essential to your success in life and as a person. You will get nowhere good with Him and the more of Him and His Word you have written on your heart the better your journey will be. That kind of etching takes time, time committed to Him.

2. Your C/covering: {Genesis 2: 20b-23} If you are married this means your husband if not then it either means your earthly father or your Heavenly Father. {1 Corinthians 11:3} This is time spent being H/his helpmeet, partner, support, and fuel. This is submission to service to help bring about the will of Elohim for the household as a whole. And yes this means sacrifice and putting others ahead of your desires.

3. The “fruit of your womb”: {Genesis 3: 16} For mothers this means first and foremost your children. This includes their education in the Word and at least overseeing their education in academics. It means actively teaching them their roles in life and helping them develop the gifts that they have been blessed with. For those without children, and for some mothers once their children are cared for, this means the fruit of your spiritual womb…whatever Adonai has called you to birth forth for the Kingdom. Regardless of whether you fruit is of a natural womb or a spiritual one, it must be nurtured and cared for to grow to its full potential.

4. Household Management: {Proverbs 31: 10-31} Now in my opinion this one is just as critical as the two before them, but a clear delineation must be made. If you have a choice between serving your husband dinner after a long day at work, tending to homework help, and washing the dishes…then this order comes into play. But rest assured it is impossible to do the previous two efficiently without taking this one seriously. It may start out good, but it will soon become very overwhelming and slowly but surely fall apart. So there must be plans and schedules. Duties must be taken seriously, and we must stop looking at these things as if they are optional. Elohim thought them important enough to include them in His Word to us. The least we can do is listen and act upon what we hear.

5. Mentorship/Sisterhood: {Titus 2:3-5} Now let me be clear, I’m not talking about your “girlfriends”, the ones you go walk around the mall with or other such activities {I will be talking more about this on Tuesday’s “Covered by HIM Alone” post}. What I’m talking about is being a part of a community of women dedicated to helping each other being better daughters, better wives, better mothers according to the Word and Will of El Shaddai {God Almighty}. It is doing the best you can to live according to His Word each and every day and sharing what you’ve learned with others so they can do the same, knowing that as your duties in the previous areas decrease in life that this responsibility will become more and more a part of your daily life.

I urge you this week to take a long hard look at this list and how your life does or does not reflect it. As I said in another post…It is said you can tell how a person’s priorities are ordered by the way they spend their money. I believe the same is true, if not even more so, about the way they spend their time. So take this and all that you find to the throne and lay it before Him. Ask Him to bring about His will in all these areas in your life, to teach you how your priorities should look, to help you grow and learn in those areas, and to help you find the passion and desire you will need to commit to this long term. I pray you a teachable heart and spirit beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

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