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2013_07_07 Confidence

~ Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God ~

 1 John 3:21 (NIV84)

During the Sunday sermon our Co-Pastor said that she had the grace to call money forth. Then she told us to say, “I got that too!” Then she said something that smacked me right in the face. She said that should’ve been our immediate response when she first said it. I knew immediately this topic was not going away. This was definitely something the Lord was going to talk to me about much more!

Well yesterday the first wave of that revelation flow began! I was driving down the road and remembered what she’d said so I made a confession out of it. So now I’m driving down the road BOLDLY proclaiming, “I have the grace to call forth money! Money comes to me everywhere I go! People love me and can’t wait to give me things!” It felt so good and I was getting deeper and deeper into the groove of the confession. I started to proclaim to God how good that felt to say those things, how it just felt right. He whispered to me, ever so sweetly almost with a touch of grief, “You used to say things like that all the time.”

I was floored! And of course He was right! Before I was born-again I would boldly proclaim to all that I had a princess complex. I got what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted and that I was cherished and loved! And would be serious about it when I said it too! I had confidence in my looks, in my personality, in my position, in my girlish charms. I had confidence oozing out of every fiber of my being…about everything! I could boldly stroll into any situation and come out ahead of the game…and I knew it! More importantly, because I knew it, I stood in expectation of it!

So what changed? Where did all that confidence go? Well some of it got lost because it was rooted in things or in people. So when I lost the things and the people, I lost the confidence that I had tied up in them. Most of it, however, got sucked up in condemnation. See the process of repentance includes acknowledgement of sin. You acknowledge what you did was wrong, ask for forgiveness, accept forgiveness, and turn away from it (repent)…right? Well, like many Christians, I was completely skipping step 3.

I never fully accepted that I had been completely washed clean, that all my wrong doing was wiped completely from the record. I never fully accepted that God had no memory of anything I’d ever repented of, that right there in that instant it ceased to exist for Him. I never fully accepted that He views me through the Blood of Jesus and that to God I look just like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I never fully accepted that I was my Daddy’s princess and that He loves me to the utmost capacity, more than I can even conceive.

Then it hit me why that hint of grief was there when He spoke to me. All those things I listed above, all those things I never fully accepted…they are all written! So not to fully accept them is not to fully accept His, to not believe He means what He says! Well I’m not going to have any part of that! If my Daddy said it, He means it and it will came to pass! So in believe all of the other things He has said, I must also commit, right now, to believe the things He said about me as well! If I could strut in confidence then, how much more struttin’ can I do with the Lord God Almighty on my side! How much more confidence knowing that as long as I’m speaking in accordance with His Word that everything I say is backed up by the Full Force and Power of all of Heaven! Over how much more dominion do I now reign as princess, joint-heir of Jesus Christ, daughter of the Almighty King! Whoa! (I hope you know how difficult it is to shout and type at the same time…lol!) So I welcome my confidence back and boldly proclaim, “Watch out world! I’m back! And with God on my side!” Glory!

Surrendered to Him~





Lord God, Our Father in Heaven,

We give You and You alone all the Glory! Thank You for Your lessens, for teaching us the way to grow and progress in those things that bring Glory and Honor to Your Kingdom! Daddy we invite you into our self-image. Help us to turn it into an exact reflection of what You see when You look at us. Help us anchor Your Word regarding who we are as Your children into the very core of our hearts so that we may be firmly rooted in Your Vision. Lord we love You and we give You all the Praise!

In Jesus’ Name we pray,                        



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