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Today Agape Academy is kicking off its 14-week astronomy study using Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman as a guide. As recommended in the beginning of the Star Chronicles, this week we are focusing on the Tower of Babel and some of the profound impacts that it had on history and the Faith as we know it today. The goal is to get the kids to really grasp the fundamental truths that these events bring to life.

Disclaimer: While this study is using Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars as a guide, neither The Torah Garden nor this astronomy study claim to reflect the views or beliefs of the author or anyone else associated with the production of the Star Chronicles.

What does the Tower of Babel have to do with the stars?

With all the evolution-based teachings out there it can unfortunately be very easy to forget what really happened during the Flood and at the Tower of Babel. Everything that drew breath other than Noah’s family and the animals on the ark was completely destroyed in the Flood {Genesis 7:22}. That means that all people, stories, oral histories, etc. stem from Noah and His Faith! That is a key thing to remember when studying subjects that over the generations have become shrouded in paganism. Therefore we begin such studies reminding ourselves not to discount everything so quickly, to trace it back to the Faith, and to keep digging until we find the Truth.

How are we studying the Tower of Babel?

While for most of this study we will simply be using the Star Chronicles, the Tower of Babel required a bit more focused study. I wanted to make sure that the kids got to explore thinking about these concepts and opening their imagination as to what could be underneath this and other subject waiting to be revealed. To help with this I created a unit study for this week to help explore how Noah’s Faith impacted the world.

The Tower of Babel: How Noah's Faith Impacted the World via @TheTorahGarden
{Click the image to get your copy of this unit study!}

Why is opening up to this so important?

If you have spent any time digging into the Hebrew roots of the Faith, then you have undoubtedly come face to face with some shocking revelations. You have also likely realized that you now have to dig through every ounce of everything you have ever believed and test and approve every word. See those underlying beliefs shape our worldview, they shape the way we approach things and how we evaluate them, and in many ways they bind our consciousness.

When we shed some of those lies and stereotypes and stare the truth in the face, really processing and absorbing it, our perspectives change. Faith becomes easier to hold on to, love becomes easier to spread, and humility becomes easier to embody. Think about it. You learn that the Flood wiped out all life that was not in the ark and you might think, “Wow, God was angry!” However, you hear every human being on this planet originated with Noah and family takes on a whole new meaning, beating down hatred and prejudice with overwhelming love. Same truth…different approach.

It is these seeds that I desire to plant in the hearts of my children the most! Theology can be taught at any time and you grow into the Holy Days as you go along, but learning a real relationship with God and truly coming to understand what it means to love each other is what fuels the kind of Faith that will carry us through.

I pray you enlightened hearts and open minds beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~

Our plans this week

1. Work through The Tower of Babel Unit Study
2. A Tower of Babel craft

{Be sure to read my review of Star Chronicles, learn why I believe studying the stars and constellations is so important for believers, and check out the full 14-week study.}

What are some of the key elements you like to teach about the Tower of Babel?

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