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This is our first year reading and studying through the weekly Torah portions and I must say that it has been a powerful experience. When we got to Leviticus, however, keeping the kids engaged in the portion all week long got profoundly more challenging and I knew that Numbers and Deuteronomy were going to be much of the same. Then HaShem smiled on me with a chance to get an advance copy of Torah Writing Prompts from Heidi Cooper over at Torah Family Living!

Why are Torah Writing Prompts such a blessing?

While the copy was given only in an effort to get honest feedback from homeschooling families before it was released, my family was so positively impacted by it that I had to do a review and tell others about this great book! See my household views the week with the Sabbath as its main focus. My goal is for us to grow to a place that each day of the week, from Yom Rishon {Sunday} to Yom Shishi {Friday}, we do something to prepare for the Sabbath to keep that time with Him constant and present in our minds all week long. I wanted the Torah portions to be a part of that as well.

As you dig deeper and deeper into the Torah, however, I found this increasingly difficult to do with children. I found myself quite honestly getting frustrated with the entire ordeal. I had run out of activities to bring it alive and make it relevant for them. Then entered Heidi’s Torah Writing Prompts! It made all the difference by giving the kids something different to focus on and explore each day from the Torah portion.

What exactly is Torah Writing Prompts?

Torah Writing Prompts is a collection of writing prompts designed to inspire deeper thought in your child, and even you if you so desire, regarding the weekly Torah portion. For each portion there are 5 prompts available to choose from. The prompts are completely independent of each other, so it is not necessary to do them all each week. You can pick and choose and, if used only a couple of times a week, you can spread this book over more than one year.

How my family is using Torah Writing Prompts

While Torah Writing Prompts is best suited for children age 10 and up, all three of my girls jumped right into this project pencils first. As we were looking for that daily interaction and we are pretty heavy writers around here, we do all 5 for the week, writing daily starting on Yom Rishon. Angel and Sketch write a full page, front and back, and Huggy simply does her best and writes whatever comes to her mind. She usually comes away with 1 or 2 paragraphs.

They each read the full Torah portion daily. {Using an audio Bible can help if they are struggling with this part.} Then they free write on the prompt for that day. It was an instant hit the very first week! The girls raved about how much more the understood the portion with these added exercises and I no longer felt like I was nagging them to read the portion each day. I knew that if their journal was done, then they had read.

Angel was so impacted by the prompts that when I told her about this post, she insisted on writing Heidi a letter….

To the creator of Torah Writing Prompts:

Thank you for giving me a fun way to deepen my Bible study. I’m getting more meaningful notes to write about my Torah portion. My Torah is now not a thing that I do with an uninterested attitude, but with an eager attitude now. You’ve given me a blessing to be able to see more clearly what God is trying to teach me through His Word. Thank you deeply.

Yours truly,

As you can see, this product has truly been a blessing around here! Don’t tell the kids, but I’m so impressed I have decided to use them myself as well. So whether you are looking for great set of writing prompts you kids can build their writing skills with, a way to dig deeper into the weekly Torah portions, or any combination and more, Torah Writing Prompts will meet your needs. So head on over to Torah Family Living and grab your copy now!!!

I pray enlightened eyes and creative spirits beloved! Shalom!~

Surrendered to Him~


Disclosure Notice: I received a free copy of Torah Writing Prompts for the purpose of giving the author honest feedback. The choice to write this review was mine alone and not a condition of receiving the free copy. For more information, please see our disclosure policy.

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