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I had intended for this to be a simple post about the new stage in my journey, but that’s not quite the case. Instead, I find myself in a position where I am literally having to live the post as I write it. With everything that has come through my world and impacted my spirit over the last few days, I am having trouble connecting with my why today. It took me until now to embrace the only answer that really matters, “because He said so!”

Everything else in life is transient, temporary. Only His Will and His Word have stood the test of time to prevail still today. It is wonderful to have other reasons to help keep you going, loving things that keep you motivated from time to time. However, things like that tend to fluctuate over time and leaning on them means that your drive and motivation fluctuate as well. If you intend on persevering and consistently running this race for the kingdom you need something permanent to keep you moving.

Of course, this is about more than having a source of motivation in times where pushing forward is difficult or even seem impossible. This is also about making sure that we are focused on the right thing, even regarding those things that come easy. This is about being careful about not letting the everyday occurrences become so routine that we become anesthetized to their importance. From the household chores, to spending time with the kids, to our work, and everything in between only exists because He called it to be so. He is the Reason and the Why, the Beginning and the End, the Be All to everything we are and do.

It is keeping that focus as the driving force in life that gives a special purpose to what we do and places an anointing on it. It lifts it all as an offering before the throne. Can you imagine the impact that would have on your focus and productivity for the kingdom? What if every dish you washed, you washed simply because He gave it to you and gave you food to put on it? Or if you did your work because simply because this is the work He gave you to do with no regard how it benefits you? Or if you wrote or spoke simply because He put something on your heart that He wanted you to say?

Sometimes we get so caught up in worldly reasons for doing things or not doing things. Not all of those reasons are inherently bad. As a matter of fact, many of them are very good such as for our family, our husbands, etc. Regardless of good or bad, however, they are not what is called to be our main focus, the root of our why. God is! Think about it, what happens when you have reasons tied up in something or someone and that thing or person disappears. Depending on how deeply you were invested, it could very well be the end of you and whatever you were doing.

So over the course of this week I will not only be embracing the Lord as my why when I am having difficulty getting things done, but asking myself why I am doing the things I’m not having difficulties with. I just really feel a push to separate from the convenient and easy, to embrace those hard choices so that growth can occur. Any athlete will tell you that training for that next level is hard, painful, and gives you plenty of moments when you want to give up. If you ever make it past that pain though, you have a triumph and a victory like no other.

I don’t have any set action steps this week as this will be an intensive application of the one step of identifying the why. However, I will be keeping a couple of verses in mind, especially as I’m getting started. They are 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 and Hebrews 12:1-3. Be blessed beloved!~


Surrendered to Him~


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