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2013_12_22 Do Later

You know the list in question: the tweets you favorite to visit the links later, the sticky notes lining your work area, the bookmarks in your browser that you have yet to visit, and the list goes on and on. You’re engulfed in a task that you just must get done right this minute and an idea hits about something else you need to do so you jot it down. It’s just about time for you to get off the computer, but you see 3 articles that sound like life-changing “must reads” so you bookmark them for later. Your social networking time block is over but you see some new things you simply must check out. The scenarios continue until you are stressed about how to get it all done and your spirit is completely overwhelmed.

This is another one of those things that has no clear cut solution. It is a delicate balance that everyone develops in their own unique way. The reason I’m writing about it today though is to bring awareness as to how important things such as this are in the Christian walk. I’ve said in other posts that many of us reach a point in our walk where we’ve seen too much of God’s Glory to be willing to separate ourselves from it, making Satan’s traditional tools much less effective. That’s not to say that temptation stops coming after a certain time, our arsenals just get so well stocks that fighting them off gets easier. So Satan begins to use things that are not typically seen as sin to knock us out of being in alignment with God’s Will. These little things go tend to go virtually unnoticed until it builds enough stress, or worse, to get our attention.

Therefore it is up to us to be watchful, ever mindful, of those little things that creep their way into our lives and complicate things that God created to be simple. Some of the things that have helped me along the way started with a few revelations. One is that our Daddy in Heaven doesn’t do lack or limited time only deals or any such ridiculousness. There are some things in life that do fall into this category, but the blessing behind the event, the core of what God is giving you, doing in your life, or leading you too does not. If the way He intended for you to get it “expires”, He’ll bring it another way! So, while you may miss a certain delivery method, it is impossible to miss anything coming from God. God creates in abundance so there is always more than enough available to His children!

Many people say that it’s not that serious and some of us in the Christian walk are taking things too far. Truthfully though, our minds travel down all kinds of paths every day without our conscious knowledge and those traveling thoughts can build and lead us to places we were never intended to go without us ever knowing where we went wrong. Holding on to things the way we do, as if we are going to miss out on something, actually creates and implants a mindset of lack in our subconscious that can actually carry over into other areas of life and affect our level of faith.

Think about it! If you hold on to an internet article for an extended time-frame then on some level you believe that is the only place the information exists and if you don’t read it there then you won’t learn what you need to learn. Well if that is true, then God is limited in how He can get information to us. And if God is limited in how He can get information to us, then He is limited in how He gets everything to us. Well if that is true then our blessings come in limited ways and we can miss them if we aren’t vigilant. If we believe that then it’s no wonder why our financial breakthrough hasn’t come or our marriage isn’t healed or that job hasn’t come through.

The key to living in abundance is believing that not only does abundance exists but that it is readily available to you! To do that we must stop living in a cycle of habits that perpetuates our focus on lack. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t legitimate reasons to hold on to something or put a task off until later. It just requires, as I said earlier, some balance. Here are a few things that have helped me along the path to balance in this area:

1. Set aside some time at the end of each day to review your to-do later list. Are the items still of interest to you or was it just an impulse aimed at distracting you? Is it something you could take a few minutes and knock out right then and there? Can it be moved to a specialized list that you can compile and set aside a time block to deal with everything associated with it, such as a part of bigger project?

2. Once a week review items still on your to-do later list. If they have been on there more than 3 days and you’ve done nothing with them ask yourself why you are still holding on to it. Be brutally honest with yourself and pray for guidance about it.

3. Do a monthly blind purge of everything on your to-do later list. If it is more than 30 days old and hasn’t made it to a project list to be a part of a bigger plan of action or been handled by now, it’s most likely time to let go without ever considering what you might be “missing”. I will be honest; you will occasionally lose something you “need”. For me, however, these losses have worked to grow my faith in and relationship with God. I ask Him to give me back what I “lost” and lean on Him to provide what I “need” and every time He provides it gets easier and easier for me to let go of those things cluttering my spirit like the lengthy to-do later list.

I pray this helps you to release some of the clutter bringing you undue stress in life. As always, take everything you read here to the throne in prayer, seek God’s Word on how or if it is relevant in your journey, and follow the lead the Holy Spirit. Be blessed is your walk and may you grow closer and closer to Him each day!~

Surrendered to Him~





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